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    Acoustics for the Real World

    Whether you’re building spaces for productivity, patient recovery, or focused learning, we take a holistic approach to managing acoustics. We collaborate with your design team and acoustic consultants, balancing priorities for your space.

    Design for Performance

    Managing acoustic performance and privacy are more important than ever. Sound transmission isn’t just about the walls. It’s about the ceiling, doors, base building structure, flanking paths, and all the connections in between. We bring quality materials together with innovative interior assemblies to reduce sound transmission. You get the acoustic performance you need without sacrificing design expression. 

    Image credit: Merle Prosofky

    Form and Function

    DIRTT lab tests our solid and glass walls for sound transmission through a certified third party in compliance with ASTM E-90 protocols. During the process, DIRTT attaches the wall assembly to the testing chamber the same way we would to your base building. Our approach to lab testing provides the most realistic representation of how the assembly will perform in a real-world application. 

    Image credit: Laura Peters / CannonDesign

    Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings

    These STC ratings represent common wall and door assemblies. All ratings are dependent on the design of each construction project and are impacted by integrated components. It should be noted that STC ratings obtained in a lab may be different than those achieved in real-world applications. Lab results are highly controlled and may not reflect the same performance in the field based on the conditions of your environment. Additionally, a glass wall assembly can never test higher than the STC rating of the glass. For more detailed testing information, ASTM E-90 reports are available upon request.