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The DIRTT interior construction system is designed with acoustic integrity in mind

We use a holistic approach to collaborate with your design team and acoustic consultants to balance priorities for your space.


Design your space with confidence 

Sound transmission isn’t just about the walls. It’s about the ceiling, doors, base building structure, flanking paths, and all the connections in between. DIRTT solutions are designed to maximize acoustic performance without sacrificing aesthetics. 


A quick guide to acoustics


Real-world performance

To evaluate how much sound a material can reduce between rooms, a lab-tested measurement known as sound transmission class (STC) is used. DIRTT lab tests our walls for sound transmission through a certified third party in compliance with ASTM E90 protocols. Our approach to lab testing provides the most realistic representation of how the assembly will perform in a real-world application.

Download DIRTT Acoustics Info and STC Ratings

Solutions to fit your space

Managing acoustic performance and privacy are more important than ever. DIRTT construction consultants help tailor the acoustic profile of a room. Whether you’re building spaces for productivity, patient recovery, or focused learningyou’ll get a room that best suits your acoustic needs. 

What can be heard?

To achieve the right acoustic performance, you first need to know the level of sound reduction that's needed for your space. What's really audible through the walls? This chart below helps to explain. Next, your team of DIRTT construction experts will help you select the right solution for your unique requirements.


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