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Solid Walls

Customize your walls and define your space.

Image Credit: James John Jetel

DIRTT’s interior solid walls connect seamlessly to all other products in the DIRTT construction system. Divide your space and reduce your risk at the same time. DIRTT delivers certainty on your cost, schedule, and the final result. Whether you’re creating environments for the workplace, healthcare, education, or the public sector, our rapid lead times mean spaces can be built or renovated in a fraction of the time.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings

These STC ratings represent common wall and door assemblies. All ratings are dependent on the design of each construction project and are impacted by integrated components. It should be noted that STC ratings obtained in a lab may be different than those achieved in real-world applications. Lab results are highly controlled and may not reflect the same performance in the field based on the conditions of your environment. Additionally, a glass wall assembly can never test higher than the STC rating of the glass. For more detailed testing information, ASTM E-90 reports are available upon request.