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Thermofoil (SSI)

By SSI North America

Nonporous, easy to clean, and highly durable. Available in wood grains, super mattes, high gloss, patterns, and metallics, 3D Laminate can be applied to casework, wall panels, and doors and is ideal for healthcare environments and high-traffic areas.


Antimicrobial (recommended for healthcare)

Available in 70+ standard colors


Product Applications



Solid Walls


Please note that smooth finishes (for example high gloss and matte) are more susceptible to visual imperfections and natural wear-and-tear than textured materials. Keep this in mind when selecting finishes, particularly for high traffic areas.

Larger Sample Size?

If you need a larger sample size contact



Color and pattern sizes may not be exactly as shown and are for reference only. Please obtain a physical sample and work with your design team to determine the best solution for your project.

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