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Building Better Outpatient Interiors

Efficient. Flexible. Future-Proof.

From clinics and urgent care to medical office buildings, get the most out of your outpatient spaces with DIRTT’s multi-trade prefab construction system. Precision off-site manufacturing supports the fast, clean, sustainable creation of code-compliant, flexible interiors that meet your evolving needs and improve business results. Reduce project timelines, operational and maintenance costs, and leverage speed to market.


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of DIRTT products shipped globally

  • Open your doors weeks – or even months – ahead of schedule. Pre-assembled systems are prefabricated in 21 days or less. Once on-site, precision-manufactured quick-connect solutions reduce labor hours, creating spaces that are move-in ready sooner.

  • Our design integration software turns architectural drawings into manufacturing data and a bill of sale that’s accurate to the penny. As the design is refined, all the information is updated instantly so you know exactly how much those revisions will affect your project cost.

  • Convenient access to the components in the wall assemblies allow for rapid inspection, maintenance, or changes. This reduces your downtime, operating costs, and impact on revenue generation. Our easy-to-clean materials are impact-and-scratch-resistant, and come with a 10-year warranty. Your state-of-the-art facility looks professional for longer, while reducing maintenance costs and associated disruptions.

  • Precision-manufactured systems look and perform like permanent interiors, but can be adjusted, disassembled, or reconfigured to accommodate changing spaces or updated technology. Adaptable wall assemblies and Flex Gas systems evolve with your needs, supporting you today and preserving your investment for years to come.

  • Modular components are installed on-site with minimal mess and waste. Without drywall dust, the process is clean and quiet, allowing more of your facility to remain open during construction and renovation. We minimize the environmental impact of interior construction through careful material selection, efficient operations, and an adaptable system supporting long product lifecycles.

  • DIRTT’s system of products and digital tools integrate seamlessly with your design intent offering the freedom to customize everything. Our breadth of solutions provide limitless design options. With a wide selection of materials and finishes and the ability to integrate your own, you'll be left with a space that's uniquely yours.

Resilient Outpatient Interiors

Rather than using standard construction, I wanted to use the flexibility and consistency that the DIRTT product brought.




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The DIRTT Process



    Discover how DIRTT can bring the most value to your project.



    Your design is translated into DIRTT components. You’re empowered with real-time feedback to make faster decisions.



    With software connecting directly to DIRTT factories, every element of your DIRTT space is precision manufactured within 21 days.



    DIRTT components are rapidly installed on a clean job site with less waste.



    Your agile DIRTT space is built to evolve with you. DIRTT components embrace change for a future-friendly space.