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Your multi-trade solution for medical interiors

DIRTT is a building process powered by technology and advanced manufacturing. Walls, doors, casework, integrated technology, power, networks and medical gas are all rapidly designed and built with extreme precision in DIRTT factories. Then, they're shipped to site for a clean install.

Partnering with you

  • Exam rooms
  • Triage rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Isolation rooms (positive and negative pressure)
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Administration spaces
  • Drive-through testing and lab stations
  • Interior construction for temporary facilities
  • Cold shell areas of hospitals or unused administration spaces that could be transitioned into triage or overflow areas
  • Existing lower acuity units that could transition to high acuity units
Rapid prefab construction for emergency response
Isolation room concept

Temporary care facilities



New builds


Constructed Clinical Enclosures

Constructed Clinical Enclosures (CCE) maintain direct contact and physical separation between healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Acquire an average of four times more samples in an eight-hour shift.
  • Decrease use of personal protective equipment up to 95%.
  • Available in 14 days from order if assembled on-site.
  • Indoor or outdoor configurations available.
  • Positive or negative pressure environments available.
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Building healthy spaces

Creating healthy spaces for patients, front-line care workers, families and communities is one of our specialties. In the context of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we're offering our services to accommodate the increased needs for medical facilities, quickly and with minimum disruption.

Acute care concept
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Rapidly deployable solutions

DIRTT has solutions ready to get prefabricated alternate care sites in place as quickly as possible. We’ve designed 10’ x 12’ acute care rooms that can be deployed almost anywhere you have the space. With or without power, these rooms are priced per unit, but also take advantage of economy of scale. Options available for patient care pods on site in 10 days or less.

Open configuration for acute care needs

Fast and on time

DIRTT will help you deliver care ahead of schedule. Open your doors weeks ahead of what stick-built conventional construction could allow. Your space is manufactured off-site in days and installed in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires.

Easy-to-clean spaces

Design for better infection prevention and control (IPC). Put technology in the walls, behind cleanable surfaces. Reduce touchpoints with DIRTT design elements. Hospital-grade finishes help lower infection transfer while flexible hanging options move technology and accessories off the floor.

Pop-up and mobile clinics

DIRTT has done this before. Our construction partner made a three-room clinic in a shipping container that helps provide quality healthcare to remote locations.


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Custom is standard

DIRTT can be customized for any kind of medical facility or clinic requirements. Spaces built with DIRTT are designed to work the way you need them to. With the freedom of customized prefab, it’s easy to configure facilities to balance patient and medical needs. Patients get a space designed to improve their well-being. Medical staff have a facility that helps them give the best patient care.

Ready for change

DIRTT gives you a modular solution that makes your space ready for today and the future. More than ever, we need to build spaces that will evolve with changing healthcare needs. Flexible spaces that adapt quickly to rapid changes in healthcare and accept new technology. Conventional construction – whether it’s off-site prefab or stick-built – may address your initial schedule and budget, but you're left with zero flexibility to manage the cost of change.



Nurse servers

Custom casework

Get custom results without the custom price tag. Change the size, dimensions, configurations and finishes of your casework without paying extra for complexity. Integrate technology, pass-throughs, medical equipment and custom hardware to create the best environment for patient care.

Tailored solutions make a real difference. Like this nurse server, for example: Store medical supplies close at hand in patient spaces, while making it easy to restock outside the room. Staff can be more efficient, while patients get fewer interruptions. Infection risk is lower with less need to access patient rooms.

Having a facility like this, where the infection rate is so small, is really important to patients. A lot of patients seek out this institute for that very purpose.

Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute
DIRTT Flex Gas

Future-ready medical gas

We replaced the cost of rigid copper piping running through walls with a solution that matched the flexible nature of building with DIRTT. Add new outlets without shutting down the system. Use flexible hoses that are virtually impossible to penetrate. And the system weathers a seismic event with greater structural integrity than copper lines. This keeps critical systems online when they're needed most.


Discover DIRTT Flex Gas

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