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IMAGE CREDIT: Puskaric Huang Photography

An Educational Upgrade With Much Less Downtime

Using modular prefab interior construction to retrofit a school in just one summer.

West Hills Primary School had a bit of a to-do list. The HVAC system needed an upgrade. The school wanted to improve security. They had to build walls. And it had to be done in a single summer. It seemed almost impossible. Then their architect Matt Hansen from IKM suggested DIRTT. He knew from his research that a prefabricated modular interior construction system could help them expedite their schedule.

“Planning in a in a project with DIRTT is incredibly important,” says Hansen. “We talked a lot about the success and the innovation that allowed us to transform an entire school building in one single summer. But you don't get that if you start in May. You get that if you really start a year ahead of that construction activity.”

With all my years of projects, I’ve never had a project go as smooth as this.

Sam Kirk, director of finance and operations, Armstrong School District

To find out how they did it, take a look at this video.

Casework cubbies for individual student storage

IMAGE CREDIT: Puskaric Huang Photography


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