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IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

Explore the Dallas DIRTT Experience Center

Push the limits of what the DIRTT construction system can do

Setting out to create our new DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in Dallas, we found ourselves in the same position our customers are in when they start a planning a new space. We asked ourselves: What do we want to achieve? And how do we want to achieve it? 

For our home in Dallas, we wanted to check all the practical, functional boxes. We have a local team working there every day. But we also host visitors looking to learn more about our construction system. We had to design something to show the widest range of what can be built with DIRTT. We needed form and function. Style and substance. 

Inspiration as big as Texas

We started to explore these questions with our internal design team and our colleagues at Gensler. In collaboration with their team, we drilled into how elements of nature might influence the design. The expansive Texas landscape. The sun-bleached color palate. The influence of biophilic design. All these ideas would ultimately contribute to the look and feel of our Dallas DXC. While Gensler focused on space planning and creating a spectacular hospitality-workplace experience, our team was looking at how to best represent DIRTT’s widest range of capabilities throughout. 

We wanted to use DIRTT in a way that those who knew us for our prefabricated, modular construction systems would forget that and simply see an unforgettable space. How could we inspire them to lean into the custom nature of DIRTT and all the design freedom it provides? How could we incorporate our latest innovations in a way that made sense in the space, without just showing off. Turns out the answer was continuing to push the limits of the DIRTT system. The lowest profiles, the most versatile spaces, the most custom approach, and the widest range of finishes. 

A variety of workstyles

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

Flexible, versatile space

To accommodate diverse personnel and multiple work styles, we created large, flexible meeting rooms and individual touchdown spaces. We built a collaboration room that transforms into a ping-pong speakeasy. We turned walls into secret doors. And our iteration in the design process is reflected in the space. Three bespoke private office designs, using three types of DIRTT walls, serve three unique purposes. Across the entire space, we’ve embedded an array of technology in our walls. The result is a versatile space that can serve the people who work there on the regular and those that have stopped in for a quick visit. 

The process of building this DXC made us better at what we do. We understand the capabilities of our solutions, but we can also keep pushing the limits. Every step we take for ourselves is another step that our clients can choose to take with us. The innovation and experimentation we try here translates to their spaces. The lessons we learned make their projects stronger, easier to complete, and even more stunning. 

Connect and collaborate

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

Easily removable panels allow for quick aesthetic changes

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

Exploring Wayfinding

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

A better way to collaborate

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

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