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    IMAGE CREDIT: Photo courtesy of HDR © 2021 Dan Schwalm

    How You Can Make Working From Anywhere Work for Your Team

    A distributed workspace needs to make people feel safe, connected, and productive

    COVID-19 has splintered the workplace. Many of us have moved from vibrant, productive, culture-building hubs to home offices, kitchen tables, and basements to get the job done. Some of us are still right where we were before this whole thing started. At work. One thing is for sure. We’re not all together anymore. This is the new distributed workplace.  

    This is uncharted territory. How do we get that normal feeling back? We make remote working as productive as being in the office and make the office as safe as working from home. 

    It’s all about connection

    Wherever you’re working, you should be able to get that work done. This means total synchronicity  between your personal internet connection and your employer’s technology platform. This goes for remote workers and those returning to shared space. The process of doing the work has to be accessible, easy, and seamless.   

    IMAGE CREDIT: Hero Images

    At the workplace

    Being reunited feels good, but everybody will have total spatial awareness. All the time. For a safe workplace reunion, employers need to make space. Space that is close enough for people to feel connected. It also has to be far enough away that the fear of infection doesn’t monopolize the workday. Distraction and productivity aren’t a great team.   

    It’s possible

    Bottom line? Connection requires conversation and creativity. The creativity to approach space planning differently. We have to be able to share ideas and information from wherever we are. Distributed doesn’t mean disconnected. Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you’re not together. It just means you have to construct your space intelligently and make sure it integrates with the business.   

    At its core, distributed workplace is about making space that works wherever your people do.  It’s possible.   

    This article is part of a series on rethinking space.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Hero Images

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