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    IMAGE CREDIT: Asa Plum

    Industrialized Construction Converts Shipping Container into Self-Powered Clinic

    Arizona State University researchers and DIRTT Construction Partner (digg) collaborate on a mini medical clinic using DIRTT

    DIRTT’s Construction Partner in Phoenix digg by CIS is part of a research project with Arizona State University (ASU) to help make healthcare more accessible in northern Uganda. Specifically, in the Ayilo II Refugee Settlement. This project, funded by the Office of Naval Research, uses DIRTT solutions to transform a 40-foot shipping container into a fully functional mini healthcare facility. Complete with a water purification system manufactured by Industrial Water Innovations and solar power by Solar Now of Uganda, this self-sustaining clinic will service a camp of over 12,000 people.  

    digg played a large role in this initiative by using DIRTT to transform the container into an environment fit for medical care, donating both their time and the install.

    The self-powered healthcare clinic 

    IMAGE CREDIT: Asa Plum

    We took 21 feet of the container and made a three-room clinic that will help provide much needed care in Uganda. dig is so happy to be a part of this meaningful initiative.

    Asa Plum, DIRTT champion, digg

    Currently, the Ayilo II Refugee Settlement in Uganda faces major barriers when providing reliable care related to public health, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and military operations. This is largely in part to having unreliable power sources and no direct supply to clean water. This clinic, scheduled to be delivered in August 2019, will greatly increase the region's capacity to provide proper care to those in need. Medical Teams International will be providing the medical services, equipment, and supplies, which will be shipped in the container.   

    This project will save lives in Uganda.

    Joe DiCarlo, Global Ambassador, Medical Teams International

    A look inside the clinic 

    IMAGE CREDIT: Asa Plum 

    Off the grid 

    IMAGE CREDIT: Asa Plum 

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