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Three Low-risk Ways to Construct Spaces That are Resilient by Design

Constructing space for today shouldn’t require predicting the future

Everything is changing. All the time. How do you survive? You adapt to adversity. You constantly reconfigure to whatever your new reality requires. 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from change. You want to adapt, integrate and then return to a steady state. A resilient space is good for business because it reflects what people want, so they can bring the business what it needs. To create spaces that do this, businesses need to consider three fundamental outcomes. 

Future-proof forever

How do you build a space for today that’s prepared for tomorrow? Use the right materials and processes to customize everything. This means choosing fast, clean, intelligent construction that can adapt. Engineering all the parts to fit together with ease allows them to be modified when you need to. That’s prefabricated construction at its core. 

Remain relevant

Don’t fight change. Use it to your advantage across the business. Fear is a huge barrier to productivity. Making quick changes now can alleviate that fear. Integrate technology to communicate with the people who use your space. This gives them the real-time information they need to make decisions about how they work. Reconfigure to get the most usable environment whether your teams need to isolate or collaborate. They can choose. And they can feel safe doing it. 

Integrated room scheduler

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Build your business

You want to minimize disruption and increase profitability. Then do it. Use intelligent software, deep industry expertise and a disciplined construction process. This provides cost, schedule and outcome certainty. What is drawn is what is built. This means you spend less time managing the project and more time driving revenue. 

Get back to business safely and sooner 

The goal is to make all this happen with as little disruption to your operation as possible. Find experts that utilize the power of technology. That can draw from deep construction and engineering experience. That have a disciplined off-site manufacturing process. This all leads to faster installation on-site, getting you back to work faster. Do this and you’ll get cost, schedule and outcome certainty. You'll spend less time managing the project and more time driving revenue. 

That’s resilient space.  

This article is part of a series on rethinking space.

Quick, clean installation

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