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DIRTT has delivered interior construction projects to more than 7,800 clients worldwide. We’ve shipped over $1 billion of our solutions since launching in 2005.

DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We’re leaders in custom, manufactured construction. A focus on customer experience instills loyalty from our clients. A unique software solution and constant innovation has uniquely positioned us to change the face of construction.

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In the United States, the total value of construction work done in 2019 was $1.3 trillion. Of that, $785 billion was non-residential construction1. DIRTT estimates there is a $150 billion total addressable market in which we can compete, providing cost certainty, schedule compression, sustainability and increased client satisfaction compared to conventional construction methods.

The established leader
  • The construction industry is ripe for disruption

    When it comes to conventional construction, 75% of projects don’t come within 10% of their original deadline. And 69% of projects don’t come within 10% of their original budget2. With DIRTT, the price doesn’t change from the moment an order is placed. DIRTT provides 21-day (or less) manufacturing lead times. Each unique space can be manufactured, shipped and installed in a fraction of the time it would take to build with conventional construction.

  • Advanced, proprietary technology and unique solutions

    271 patents granted

    No other company has the technology to integrate every step of the construction process in one unified software solution the way DIRTT does. Through virtual reality, our partners and clients can experience, customize and adapt their environments in real time. Our technology allows us to manufacture custom components off-site with cost and time certainty, solving some of the biggest hurdles in the construction industry. DIRTT solutions are designed to work seamlessly with current design iterations, new solutions and third-party technologies.

  • Regional partner and sales network

    DIRTT solutions are sold through a distributed partner network supported by DIRTT sales representatives. With approximately 75 regional partners, employing over 600 individuals dedicated to advancing DIRTT’s market penetration across North America; this network gives DIRTT expansive geographic reach. Together with our partners, we’ve established DIRTT Experience Centers (DXC) to showcase DIRTT solutions across North America.

  • Founded on sustainability

    Approximately 40% of landfill waste is generated by conventional construction, renovation and demolition3. Sustainability is core to who we are and how we operate. From design to manufacturing, installation and beyond, sustainable behavior is integrated into our practices and our solutions.

    At DIRTT, we encourage organizations to imagine the infinite value of permanent spaces that can quickly and economically change to meet evolving needs by constructing with prefabricated, modular solutions instead of the conventional, “one-and-done" approach to building.

    DIRTT was the first interior construction company to complete a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EDP.) We recently concluded a second LCA and released updated EPD’s to reflect our reduced environmental impacts.

  • Positioned for future growth

    A strong balance sheet provides financial flexibility to weather macro-economic uncertainty. Combined with a comprehensive strategic plan focused on continued innovation, manufacturing excellence and commercial execution, DIRTT is positioned to capitalize on our strong client value proposition and realize our full market potential.


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