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Innovation can transform new and existing DIRTT interior walls into foldable, collapsible structures

It's called Leaf™ and was developed by DIRTT co-founder and product development vice president Geoff Gosling and his team. While foldable walls are nothing new, Leaf breaks new ground in that it can be retrofitted onto any DIRTT environment ever created, thereby protecting clients' existing investments.

Leaf allows us to look at the nature of change in an incredibly dynamic and sustainable fashion

Geoff Gosling, DIRTT co-founder and product development vice president

"Leaf allows us to look at the nature of change in an incredibly dynamic and sustainable fashion," says Gosling. "DIRTT is fundamentally about building adaptive environments and Leaf is an extension of that. It's for those people and environments that want nimble change in seconds. It's a bizarre thing to be able to do, taking existing installations and allowing them to become foldable environments," he says.

Leaf works with any DIRTT wall created, allowing clients to retrofit their existing installations if they want the ability to quickly change a space. It's a mechanism that can be used on new builds to create collapsible walls in addition to working perfectly with existing DIRTT walls clients have already installed.

Our commitment from the very beginning was to develop a solution that was totally non-generational and Leaf has proven this in technicolor. This is without a doubt the greatest testimony to sustainability and client care the manufacturing and construction

Mogens Smed, DIRTT co-founder and CEO

Open up a world of opportunity

Enhancing your space while meeting your sustainability goals has never been easier with DIRTT’s Leaf Folding Wall®. Virtually any DIRTT wall, new or already installed, can collapse to liberate space or contain it. Accommodate ongoing change and embrace the unknown with the Leaf solution.

Accommodate sudden change with ease

Responding quickly and efficiently to change is a smart and powerful business tactic. Sharpen your business edge by turning an open expanse into a multifunctional space in moments.

Reuse your existing DIRTT components

Retrofitting existing solid, glass and stacked walls with a Leaf mechanism means elements you already own are repurposed, significantly reducing waste and environmental impacts.

Reconfigure any type of space

Whether building new or remodeling, the Leaf solution can be configured in countless ways for any industry and melds with all of DIRTT’s wall solutions to support your dynamic needs.

Protect your original investment

The Leaf folding wall uses existing DIRTT elements from your layout. This represents significant savings and reduces downtime when changes are required.

Integrate technology

Leaf integrates power, sound and display directly into the folding wall for the ultimate in flexible spaces. Leaf with integrated technology delivers versatility with a non-generational solution, protecting your investment in DIRTT solutions. This is the sustainable way to include technology in a flexible space.


DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We use our proprietary 3D software to help design, manufacture, and install fully customized interior environments. This same software provides clients with certainty around cost, schedule, and the final outcome. With modular components and a streamlined construction process, complete interior spaces are constructed faster, cleaner, and more sustainably. The Company works with over 70 partners throughout North America. DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.