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As many possibilities as trees in the forest

DIRTT Timber Frame is a dynamic design element. But more than that, it’s an expression of our identity and mission. The DIRTT DNA is about rapidly responding to, and empowering change. Flexibility is inherent in our product design and solutions. It’s reflected in our response to the needs of the design community and construction industry. It’s reflected in our commitment to sustainability and creating “future-proof” spaces.  And it’s reflected in our willingness to embrace technology and new thinking in the face of “we’ve always done it this way.”

Timber resonates across industries because it’s innately part of who we are as humans. From our earliest shelters and modes of transportation – think canoes and sledges – to today’s advances in construction materials, wood is part of our daily lives.  

DIRTT Timber Frame can enhance your space in a number of ways. From architectural features and canopies, to mezzanine structures that claw back wasted real estate, completely tailored to you. Consider how Timber can respond in a meaningful way to a variety of design opportunities:




Here the terms “interior architecture” and “soft architecture” are generally applied. It’s an opportunity to create a timber design element that integrates with other DIRTT solutions. Think angled posts and expressive geometry to add visual interest to an existing space. In the first example, drilling for custom LED lights was coordinated in the DIRTT factory to reduce time and risk on site. 

Don’t have space for a free-standing canopy? No problem! Timber accents can also add a touch of warmth to areas like workstations or reading nooks.

Structural framing

Timber can lend structural integrity to other features in your space. In this case, the only visible timber is the curved CLT (cross-laminated timber) trim piece, but the non‐visible timber framing allowed DIRTT to achieve the lengthy cantilever and seismic stability for a bespoke media wall.

Mezzanines & second stories

Use Timber to create a support structure for people or equipment. The wood-on-wood joinery connections facilitate a rapid install. The inherent properties of Timber mean our mezzanine solution provides structure, fire resistance, and finished aesthetic in one solution. Fully engineered and able to support up to 100 lbs per square foot, depending on performance requirements.

Leaf support structures

Leaf™ is DIRTT’s sustainable answer for folding walls. DIRTT Timber Frame can serve as the support structure for Leaf walls, providing a turnkey solution for our clients.

It’s up to you

DIRTT makes it easy. Like everything in the DIRTT ecosystem, your Timber Frame project can be fully customized to respond to your space and needs. We work with our Partners as well as their architectural or design teams. We take their concept from ideation through to detailed structural drawings. To get started, we can work from a sketch, engaging DIRTT experts and local engineers as we work through the design process. Your DIRTT Partner team helps coordinate local approvals. Send your project into manufacturing and installation with confidence.

Get ready to let your imagination run wild.

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Elias Fahssi

Elias is one of DIRTT’s resident Timber Frame experts. He travels the world to share DIRTT’s story and puts his finely-tuned research skills to use, staying ahead of trends in innovative timber construction.


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