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The refreshed DIRTT Experience Center is now open

Stepping off the elevator on the 15th floor of the New York Design Center in Midtown Manhattan, you’re immediately immersed in the beautiful exteriors of showrooms, offices and design shops. This first impression is prim and proper. A row of elegant, bright spaces enclosed with crystal-clear glass fronts. But looking down the hall, you see a space that’s undeniably unique. In a good way. It’s a stark contrast to the other spaces that reside in the building. And intriguing enough to make you want to wander over.

The entryway to this 2800 sq. ft. space is framed with huge glass pivot doors, dramatic black veneer finishes, and an eye-catching geometric graphic. It’s finished off with a dark and detailed bespoke ceiling overhead. This entrance is bold, mysterious and striking. And there is no signage or explanation, other than five letters spelling D-I-R-T-T. A simple word to represent an idea that means so much.

This space is home to DIRTT’s latest internal construction expression, a brand-new NYC DIRTT Experience Center (DXC). Renovated to further push the limits of what’s possible with a whole new construction approach. Designed to be unlike any other space DIRTT’s created before.



The DXC entryway The DXC entryway

Bringing the wow factor

When crafting the vision for this one-of-a-kind show space, DIRTT’s internal design team accepted the challenge of combining the old with the new. Expressing the roots of the history-rich New York City and blending it with a fresh contemporary feel. There are industrial elements, like the unfinished concrete floors, hanging shelves and metal fixtures, scattered throughout. Then the real show stoppers come into play. The DIRTT components. These solutions are a bold mix of patterns, graphics, colors and finishes. It feels both like a warehouse and high-end space – and bright and dark – somehow all at the same time. Demonstrating DIRTT’s ability to take a risk and create a truly dynamic space with a story to tell.  

It’s important to note that with all of this going on, every corner somehow maintains a cohesive feel. Which might be hard to image as it demonstrates office idea starters, a healthcare area and education touches. But it’s a coordinated look, filled with clean lines and an artistic influence. Simultaneously, a black, white and natural wood theme remains consistent throughout the circular-shaped area. The result is an environment with so much to explore. But, most importantly, to inspire visitors for their own spaces they’ve yet to dream up.

The intent of this space, like all DIRTT Experience Centers across North America, is to show visitors the endless possibilities of what DIRTT can create. To demonstrate what sets this method of interior construction apart. Guests get to feel, touch, experience and learn about the benefits this approach could provide the people who use their future office, learning or healing space. Complete customization is on full display. From the bespoke ceilings and speak-easy inspired areas, to gallery-style stacked millwork.

It’s an environment you have to see in person to believe – and one we hope you get the chance to. But in case you aren’t in the NYC area or planning to make your way to the city soon, keep scrolling for a photo tour that walks you through the many different elements this space houses. Prepare yourself for sensory overload and major DIRTT inspiration.

Let's take you on a tour

Take 1, Take 2

Once you transition through the entry way and sway to your right, you’ll see two twin timber pods that almost look like they belong in an upscale lounge. Created with cross-laminated timber, these fancy breakaway areas have integrated tech and bridge graphics. This type of set-up could be incorporated into cafeteria-style spaces in offices, education spaces or healthcare facilities. Or could be used as touchdown meeting areas to break up open layouts. Either way, you’re just as sophisticated as they are functional. And you won’t be able to tell, but a sneaky door is hidden in the middle of these pods, leading to a back room.

Timber seating pods Timber seating pods

Central Spark

Turn to your right and you arrive at the space’s tech lounge, known as the Central Spark. This area ties in residential elements and projects a living-room-like warmth, balanced with an industrial ceiling. Look past the feeling this space evokes and you’ll notice an endless amount of DIRTT solutions. Floating shelf detail. A TV screen that looks like a piece of art when not in use. Touch-open millwork with integrated lighting. A large colorful abstract graphic. This area is also home to a mini virtual reality arena. A tool that clients can use to walk through and experience their space virtually as if it’s already been built. High tech meets high end.

Tech lounge Tech lounge

Class Act

Walk further down the same path and you’ll come to Class Act, a demonstration of a high-impact education environment. One of the highlights of this space is the intricate bespoke veneer ceiling with integrated lighting. Another is the angled thermofoil (3D laminate) finished wall with an alternating grain direction. An embedded iPad controls the lights and music in the entire space. Invisible millwork frames the centerpiece of the area – two large tech screens. This space is also perfect for large presentations and could spark a vision for a commercial training room.  

High-end classroom High-end classroom

Gallery Leaf Wall®

This is arguably one of the most captivating elements in the space, based on its ability to completely transform the layout of the DXC. When this Leaf Folding Wall is closed, it divides the Class Act room and the Rush Hour space (which we will get to later on). A closed position works best for tours, presentations or if multiple groups are exploring the space at the same time. When opened, it instantly turns this space to an open concept, great for entertaining and hosting events. In areas where real estate is at a premium, this solution gives you the best of both worlds: Privacy when you need it, and an open concept when you don’t. But with this level of functionality, you don’t have to compromise aesthetics. This Leaf Wall was built to look like a gallery wall, mixing textures, finishes and graphics. 


State of Mind

Keep moving towards the back of the space and you come to a mini-conference room. Perfect for collaboration sessions or private meetings that take place in an office environment. The blue wall tile extends into a graphic bespoke ceiling, surrounded by wood. A mix of matte and glossy writable surfaces allow for brainstorming sessions. And seamless integrated tech shines at the center. Another Leaf Wall frames one side of the room, allowing the space to open up into a larger environment when needed.

Conference room Conference room

The Hudson

Connected to State of Mind by the Leaf Wall, the Hudson is a space to showcase what an innovative private office could look like with DIRTT. It's a room that displays DIRTT’s acoustical strengths. An acoustic barn door, tackable fabric tiles and double insulated walls are some of the things that contribute to this. A holistic acoustics approach was also considered when creating the room's ceiling. Completed with a sit-stand desk, millwork bench and shelving to make the space comfortable for occupants.

Private office Private office

Speak Easy

This masculine and tailored phone booth, known as Speak Easy, has an eclectic back painted glass gallery wall. The overall ambiance is similar to an old library or den. Open veneer shelving and fabric-wrapped wall tiles play a part in creating this mood. How does this space connect with our clients’ spaces? Phone booths are becoming very popular in office spaces with open-concept layouts. The ability to step away for a call with privacy, or have peace and quiet to reach a pressing deadline, can often be a missing link. This environment demonstrates that small spaces can still leave a lasting, bold impression.      

Phone booth Phone booth

Walk the Talk

Take some steps further down the hall and you come to another phone booth, but this one’s nothing like Speak Easy. Same purpose, completely different vibe. This little room is bright and chic thanks to natural light and soft nature graphics. It’s very cool, calm and collected. Fresh and on trend. Fun fact: the lighter matte WriteAway jungle graphic was added into the space as a giant coloring book – a way to take a moment to de-stress. And, it’s another space that demonstrates DIRTT’s acoustical management. It’s important to note this idea of a phonebooth/concentration area could also be beneficial to education and healthcare environments.

Phone booth 2 Phone booth 2


Make your way to the back corner of the space and you reach the Edison, a behind the scenes display of what the inside of a DIRTT wall looks like. This area is extremely helpful to those unfamiliar with DIRTT’s modular construction approach. It brings clarity to how our spaces are brought to life. DIRTT Power and Networks are a main focus in this space – hence the name of the area – demonstrating the many benefits these solutions have compared to a conventional build. It shows a Passive Optical Networks (PON) solution versus copper, displaying real estate and cost efficiencies. There’s also an example of embedded tech, a full 6“ headwall display with DIRTT Flex Gas, plus an area demonstrating how plumbing fits into the mix.

Power and networks display Power and networks display

Be Patient

Walk out the Edison and you’ll arrive at the start of a detailed healthcare display. Be Patient is a mock nurse station or admin area. Complimented by wood grain finishes and soft blue hues, this area is both welcoming and comforting. Switch glass demonstrates how nurses could use this solution to check on their patients from afar. Another cool feature of the space? Under the integrated computer screen is a tile with magnetic clips. This gives access to make adjustments to the computer’s settings when needed. Talk about taking flexibility to the next level. 

Nurse station Nurse station

Meet me at the Met

Right behind the Be Patient area is a space we’ve called Meet me at the Met. It’s a waiting area with a dominant residential feel. This highlights the design movement of bringing in residential elements into non-residential environments. Think stunning office lobbies, healthcare waiting rooms or admissions areas in higher ed environments. To divide this space from the kitchen area, without the loss of natural light, stacked DIRTT millwork was used in an artistic way. Open shelves in the gallery-style millwork assembly provide an opportunity for décor, further pushing the hospitable feel.

Waiting area Waiting area

Speedy Recovery

It’s now time to turn around and explore the comprehensive healthcare display. Specifically, a demonstration of a patient room. When you walk into this space, it feels like you’ve actually entered a hospital based on the attention to detail. This space is soothing, neutral and clean. Distraction imagery demonstrates a patient-centered design approach, giving off a calm impression. This room contains both a headwall and footwall application, as well as millwork with detailed features designed specifically for healthcare. Integrated tech, clock and a writable nurses chart graphic complete the space. The end result is a beautiful application of how a modern, flexible healthcare space could look and feel like. One that aids in the healing process.   

Patient room Patient room

On the Go

Connected to the patient room is On the Go, a restroom display that’s ADA compliant. It's a high-end bespoke application with a timeless Willow Glass marble graphic. A navy blue matte thermofoil balances this out to embody the overall theme of the DXC.

Restroom Restroom

Rush Hour

Framed by the gallery Leaf Wall, and the unique millwork divider, you arrive at Rush Hour - the DXC’s kitchen. If you’ve ever visited a DIRTT location, you know that entertaining is deep-rooted in the DIRTT culture. And this space is perfect for just that. This space also demonstrates a major trend sweeping commercial office spaces: a home-style kitchen for employees to use as a breakout or eating space. An island with ten seats, long stretches of bold millwork cabinetry, and a hidden fridge and dishwasher are just some of the elements that make this space noteworthy. The natural light perfectly balances out the dark colors in the environment.

Resimercial Kitchen Resimercial Kitchen

Happy Hour

We’ve come to the last stop on the tour. And if you’re a wine drinker, perhaps you could use a pour! We’ve shown you a lot after all. This custom, temperature-controlled wine room has an eye-catching back-lit glass wall with a graphic film applied to it. It’s the perfect addition to finish off Rush Hour.

Wine room Wine room

So, there you have it – we’re back to where the tour began. If you didn’t have time to go through every single detail above, here’s a recap flythrough video of the space.


NYC DXC Microtour
Video thumbnail


This charming environment reflects that, at DIRTT, nothing is off-limits when it comes to your space. No vision is too bold. No dream too big. We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for your own environments you’ve yet to create. Thank you for following along.

If you’re wanting to see the NYC DIRTT Experience Center in person, please contact our New York team at Or to learn more about the solutions and finishes in this space, reach out to your local DIRTT Rep. Not sure who that is? Our website has you covered.

DIRTT New York team

DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We use our proprietary 3D software to help design, manufacture and install fully-customized interior environments. This same software provides clients with certainty around cost, schedule and the final outcome. With modular components and a streamlined construction process, complete interior spaces are constructed faster, cleaner and more sustainably. The Company works with over 75 partners throughout North America. DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.