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So simple, it’s hard to beLeaf™

Flexibility matters. It might be the adaptability to add another power outlet near the new guy’s desk. It may be converting a board room into private offices over the weekend. It also means doubling the size of your break room two minutes before the staff meeting. Now we’ve brought more flexibility to the entire design of your space. Yes, Leaf™ walls can now include a door. 


Leaf™ + integrated door Leaf™ + integrated door

More design options

Backing up a bit, for years our clients wanted a folding wall that would add flexibility and adaptability to their space, and we listened. Leaf™ is our solution to the folding wall problem. It works with any DIRTT wall – new or existing – to meet your sustainability goals.

Now, one leaf of the folding wall can simply become a door. It folds away when you want to open the space. It looks and functions like a regular DIRTT wall and door when you want it closed. And it works with most framed DIRTT doors.

The option opens a host of design opportunities. It’s easier to pass through without needing to fold the wall. Imagine a space where two or three folding walls meet at a central pillar: Smaller work areas most of the time, then one big space for special events. Access doors make day-to-day life in the space that much easier.

Leaf™ folds with door Leaf™ folds with door

Sounds simple, but we’re all about getting it right. It’s almost ready for you. Doors can be integrated in a Leaf wall by early 2020. Talk to your local DIRTT team about using this in your space.

Ask your local DIRTT team

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