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Continuing to push the limits of VR for design and construction

This week we’re in Dubai with our Partner, NMG, at Arab Health 2019 – the largest healthcare expo in the Middle East – and we’re breaking global boundaries with our technology. It’s the ultimate test: Can we provide an interactive virtual reality experience that places multiple people together inside a project design, even though they’re physically located on opposite sides of the globe?  

As a matter of fact, yes.

We’re bridging over 7000 miles with our digital construction technology so that people can head into one virtual world to walk inside a project, explore the space and discuss it – together. Regardless of the fact that one of them is in Calgary, Canada, and the others are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



It’s a world first

Our VR experience, ICEreality, is built off DIRTT’s proprietary ICE® software, complete with its integrated construction intelligence. Hello design certainty, up-front detailed pricing and scheduling, interactive 3D visuals, full specification and manufacturing data…the list goes on.

Last June we proved with ICEreality that individuals no longer need to be in the same VR lab or even the same city to explore a project design together in real-time. But until now, the ability to essentially remove physical distance was only tested within North America (we had people meeting in ICEreality from Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Calgary).

But when it comes time to plan, design and ultimately sign off on your construction project so it can be built, there’s a real-world need for international, transoceanic, multi-person project exploration and collaboration. If we could bring together people from across North America, we needed to do the same with people across the planet.


So, we did

We’re demonstrating it at Arab Health 2019. Throughout the show, attendees who visit our healthcare booth at the Dubai World Trade Center can enter a virtual DIRTT healthcare mockup with our ICEreality technology. On the other side of the globe in Calgary, DIRTTbag Bradley Drebit will enter that same VR space.

Each person dons a VR headset and a backpack containing technology that runs our software. They’re then launched into the VR world – in this case, a large hospital space — while they converse with one another and walk around the project as if it were real. It makes for a feeling of being in a finished space together, even if you’re thousands of miles away from colleagues and construction hasn’t yet begun. When you ultimately enter your space at the end of the construction process, you’ve already been inside it before. It just wasn’t real at that point.


Brad in DIRTT HQ's ICEreality lab Brad in DIRTT HQ's ICEreality lab
Arab Health attendee at the ICEreality lab in Dubai Arab Health attendee at the ICEreality lab in Dubai
Meeting inside ICEreality from Calgary & Dubai Meeting inside ICEreality from Calgary & Dubai

This technology is powerful for the event in other ways, too. ICEreality allows our Arab Health display visitors to see the interior of a huge DIRTT healthcare facility, all from our 3600 square-foot booth. By going virtual, our healthcare display is extended by thousands and thousands of square feet.

DIRTT / NMG's Arab Health 2019 booth DIRTT / NMG's Arab Health 2019 booth

More ways ICEreality helps you build better

ICEreality lets you test the functionality and feel of an environment before design decisions are final. Complete design certainty and the confidence to sign off on your projects. Interaction, such as opening doors and changing finishes, is also possible.

At Arab Health, DIRTT's also introducing more ways for clients to interact with elements of their surroundings in the virtual version of a project, specific to the healthcare market. This includes an ability to raise and lower patient beds, change glass visibility and move diagnostic machines. This makes the experience even more life-like so you can better test the functionality of your future medical environments. Explore, modify and discuss until it’s perfect. When you’re ready to make it a reality, the same data that created your virtual space is sent to a DIRTT factory for precise manufacturing. That’s the power of ICEreality. 

Moving a patient bed virtually in ICEreality Moving a patient bed virtually in ICEreality

DIRTT’s end goal is to make our clients lives easier. Collaborating on a project, feeling 100% certain in your understanding of the design, and by extension, having the utmost confidence in the outcome of your project… Welcome to building better with DIRTT! 


DIRTT Environmental Solutions uses its 3D software to create prefabricated interiors. Each space is tailored to our clients' needs. Manufacturing facilities are located in Phoenix, Savannah and Calgary. DIRTT works with nearly 100 construction partners globally. DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.