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New 6” wall offers depth and versatility

Every June at Connext, DIRTT showcases their latest innovations in the world of interior construction. We think it’s a big deal.  This year, we previewed our new 6" wall. It may sound ordinary, but trust us, this wall is ready to revolutionize.

Until now, DIRTT walls measure 4 inches face-to-face. Spoiler alert: this new wall gives you three inches of clear space inside. That’s two inches more than the 4-inch wall. What can you do with an extra two inches? Turns out, a lot.

We developed the wall with one of our healthcare clients that needed to pack their facility with functionality. Patient rooms need power, medical gas and plumbing. That’s a lot to fit in a little space. In some cases, they couldn’t fit all three at the same time. By adding those 2 inches, rooms could be designed without having to worry about running out of space in the wall cavity.  Now power, medical gas and plumbing can service both sides of the wall. Fewer limitations. Improved functionality. Faster install times. It’s a triple threat.


Micro tour: 6" headwall
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But healthcare isn’t the only place where the 6" wall stands up. As imbedded technology becomes more popular, this wall opens up possibilities. Monitors that were too deep to fit in a four-inch wall can now integrate easily. The extra space gives you more choice.  More robust technology. Back-to-back interactive walls. Why put limits on your imagination?

It's what's on the inside that counts It's what's on the inside that counts
Medical headwall now 6 inches deep Medical headwall now 6 inches deep

Maybe you’re more concerned with what passes through the wall than what’s on it. Yup, we’re talking about acoustics. If speech privacy is your jam, that extra space is what you want. DIRTT’s recycled denim insulation and the air gap work together to reduce noise transfer.

Whatever you’re looking to do with the 6" wall, compatibility won’t be an issue. Even though its bigger, the connections are the same. It talks to all the other DIRTT parts, integrating seamlessly into your environment. And in classic DIRTT style, if you ever need to get back into the wall to tweak your plumbing or power, it’s still as easy as it ever was.

As easy to adapt as all DIRTT As easy to adapt as all DIRTT

DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We use our proprietary 3D software to help design, manufacture and install fully-customized interior environments. This same software provides clients with certainty around cost, schedule and the final outcome. With modular components and a streamlined construction process, complete interior spaces are constructed faster, cleaner and more sustainably. The Company works with over 75 partners throughout North America. DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.