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DIRTT Gives breaks its own fundraising record with Adopt-a-Family

For more than a decade, DIRTT has participated in the annual Adopt-a-Family program. During the holidays we come together to help families in need and this tradition is something our team looks forward to every year. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our employees, 2019 was our best year yet. DIRTT raised a record breaking $58,076 to support our local community. 



This year, we decided to take Adopt-a-Family to a new level and built our own program from the ground up. We wanted to work directly with our sponsored families. We reached out to the community on social media and launched a nomination form. This allowed us to really connect with the families and create a close relationship with those who could use a little extra magic.

We selected 11 deserving families – each struggling to make ends meet or coping with tragic life events. We met with them, got to know them and gained insight into what they were dealing with. This meant we could customize our contributions to make sure they got what they needed most. This was something different for everyone. Maybe it was household items or helping them shop for furniture. For others it was helping them with their resume skills to find more stable income. For one family it meant giving a terminally ill young girl a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

With the families selected and a game plan set, the DIRTT team really went to work. Each department created their own creative office fundraising initiative. And when we say creative, we really mean it. Virtual ping-pong tournaments. Raffling off vacation days. Secret silent auctions. Bake sales. And so much more! During November, everyone got involved donating their time and money and DIRTT matched every dollar that was collected. All funds raised went right to the people who needed it.

When we come together as a group for the greater good, that’s where the magic happens.

Melissa Allan, DIRTT Gives

Local and global initiatives

We also found alternative ways to raise funds with sustainability in mind. DIRTT’s IT team recycles old electronics so they can be securely repurposed and reused. In doing this, they received money for DIRTT’s used iPhones. Any broken phones that couldn’t be repurposed were donated to the Toronto Zoo. They’re involved in a program to help save African gorillas. Recycling old cell phones means re-using the tantalum inside instead of mining for more. This helps preserve gorilla habitats in the Congo.  

Through all our fundraising, we collected more than $58,000 — an all-time high in our Adopt-a-Family history. Then our team volunteered their time to shop for the gifts and wrap them up. A total of 46 people from 11 families got grocery gift cards, clothing and something special off their wish lists too.

Adopt-a-Family by the numbers Adopt-a-Family by the numbers

Working together

In addition to these families, we donated $2,000 to a low-income school to ensure that the students had food to take home over the holidays. We also donated $5,000 to a local shelter called Inn from the Cold, that helps homeless families get back on their feet.

We want to sincerely thank our employees for their passion, holiday spirit and kind donations. These contributions don’t just take care of these families over the holidays. It helps set them up for success in the New Year. We also want to give a huge thanks to our vendors, sponsors and clients that generously gave time, money and items to Adopt-a-Family. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without them.


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