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The sleekest look for any kind of space.

You want contemporary design. A look they’d dare to call “ultra minimalist”. But with form must come function. And the floors in your building, well, they’re not perfectly level. Can you achieve it?


Minimal design Minimal design

Reflect™ is the latest design innovation to emerge from the brains at DIRTT. It’s an incredibly sleek, ultra-minimal aesthetic for your space. Our clients have been asking for this and we have responded. In fact, it’s named for our mission to reflect our clients’ needs.

The inspiration for Reflect came out of the custom design work for one client with a clear vision. An ultra-contemporary office space where they pushed for such a clean aesthetic, there couldn’t be any visible ceiling or base trim. Our Product Development team worked tirelessly to achieve their goal. It’s since evolved to one of DIRTT’s standard design options, reflecting what you’ve asked for.

Uneven floor? No problem.

Conventionally, such a low-profile wall system needs a perfectly level floor. But an uneven floor is more common than not. So, it would need to be levelled with shims on site. We looked beyond that. A unique, independent levelling system (patent pending) follows the floor. Every section of your wall is independently levelled on site. Sections of glass can ‘staircase’ up and down. But with the mechanics hidden, nobody is the wiser. The header provides just enough wiggle room (technical term) to allow for staircasing the glass.

Unique leveling system Unique leveling system
(patent pending)
Each pane leveled separately Each pane leveled separately

Ultra-minimal design

Let’s talk aesthetics. For starters, there’s simply no ceiling trim. The Reflect system connects directly to the ceiling. The base track is less than the height of a standard business card. Want to make the base disappear completely? We’ve created the option to hide it below DIRTT’s access floor, functionally integrated, for a truly seamless look.

Option: hide the base Option: hide the base
The look of no base support The look of no base support

Two ways to add a door

We’ve developed two door options to complement the minimalist aesthetic of Reflect. First, the pivot doors in the Reflect system are lower profile than any other doors we’ve created before. And are still ADA compliant.

Low profile pivot door Low profile pivot door

Second, the sliding barn doors are the sleekest we’ve ever made. How? the glass is engaged inside the door track for a seamless look. There’s no cap hiding a hanging mechanism on the outside. Just room to reflect on the mission of your space.

Hidden door track Hidden door track
(patent pending)
Can't see the hanging mechanism Can't see the hanging mechanism

DIRTT is designed and manufactured in Canada and the USA. Talk to your local DIRTT team about Reflect on your next project. Available in early 2020.

Talk to your local DIRTT team

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