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The ability to bounce back works wonders for more than our psyche

We’d like to introduce you to something we think is pretty important. Please meet sustainability’s partner in arms: Resilience. If sustainability is about protecting and maintaining our resources, resilience is all about our ability to survive and bounce back from sudden or chronic disruptions.


Today, we need them both. Not only are our resources threatened, our world is changing very fast. Economies rise and fall. Technology gallops along. Climate change directly impacts our lives with extreme weather, storms and natural disasters.

Resilience has become a movement unto itself. The 100 Resilient Cities project challenges and guides cities to look their shocks (e.g. massive natural disaster) and stresses (e.g. chronic unemployment) in the eye and lay out a roadmap to address them.

Resilience, by definition, is the ability to “survive, adapt and grow” in the face of these challenges.

So what do DIRTT interiors have to do with resilient cities and natural disasters? Well, lots of people are talking about resiliency in infrastructure and buildings—it’s part of the 100 Resilient Cities framework, LEED has introduced two pilot credits dedicated to resilience and the architecture firm Perkins & Will introduced the RELi resilience design criteria.

We think interiors can (and absolutely should) be resilient too. DIRTT is inherently part of the function of your space and tailored the unique needs of every place it’s used. It goes without saying it needs to be part of your resilience plan. Here’s a look at how DIRTT modular interiors survive, adapt and grow.


To survive, you have to start by being prepared. (MacGyver never went anywhere without his Swiss Army Knife.) And your DIRTT space has our modular walls—made from sustainable materials, easy to assemble, easy to disassemble.

What does this look like when a real-life shock hits? After DIRTT installed a new teleconference room at a government building, a two-foot wave flooded the space. The water destroyed the drywall, but the DIRTT tiles sustained no damage and protected the technology behind them.

If the water had damaged the tiles, we could have removed just the damaged tiles and replaced them, rather than ripping out the entire wall.

Survival is also about bouncing back: how quickly can you be back up and running in the most economical way possible?

DIRTT is fast. (We ain’t bragging. It’s true.) If the government client had needed new tiles to replace the damaged ones, we’d be able to produce the tiles in two weeks and have them installed in a matter of minutes. And there’d be no time wasted going over design details, because everything’s on file.


We recently worked with a technology company in Utah. They moved into a temporary office space while their permanent space was built and wanted an interior solution that could move with them when the time came.

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Yes, you read that right. An entire office interior that could be moved from one building to another. We designed a solution that worked in both spaces, and their investment moved right along with them.

Companies change. They shrink and grow, often with the economy. Needs change. DIRTT spaces have the ability to adapt—and quickly. If a conference room is suddenly needed for new desk space, we can look at the components you have with our software and help you reconfigure with what you already have.


In a world that constantly changes, we have to be able to evolve to keep pace.

Technology advances every day. DIRTT integrates technology behind our walls, so you can just plug and play. When new technology comes out, you can simply remove a tile, swap out the old for the new and be back in business.

In addition, DIRTT components are multi-generational – which means that new DIRTT components will always fit the old ones (we’re LEGO-ish like that). If your burnt orange finishes suddenly go out of style, you don’t have to start from scratch. Just refresh. And do it with less waste.

Why it matters

Everything is connected. We don’t mean it in a woo-woo spiritual way (though there’s nothing wrong with that). We mean that having a resilient interior doesn’t just save you money and time if you face a shock or stress (though it will) – it bolsters your company and the world.

What we mean to say is: if your interior bounces back or adapts easily, you can focus on what matters for your organization. Which makes your leadership and systems more resilient—and more resilient organizations make more resilient cities, which in turn make a more resilient world.

We're pretty inspired by that. 


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