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Create and connect with confidence using ICE® 21

DIRTT’s approach to modular prefabricated construction is like no other. Using our design-integration software program ICE®, you are immersed in a space even before it’s built. It provides a 3D visualization experience, real-time cost reporting and a direct link to our manufacturing process. And now it’s even more powerful.

Introducing ICE 21. The most value-packed release in ICE history.

“This release is a good blend of flash and function,” says Bradley Drebit, director of ICE Client Experience. “There’s a lot in here that is incredibly eye-catching, representing a lot of the research and development that we have done over the last several years. It’s also a good mix of enhancements that will improve functionality for our users.


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What’s new

First, the way things look. With a new 3D engine, ICE offers a more photo realistic experience. There are new animated objects to interact with. A new catalog of programmable motion-tracked humans to populate the space. And if you are feeling especially powerful you can even change the weather. With more control than ever, you can customize your ICE experience like never before.

More control with ICE 21 More control with ICE 21

Once you’ve created those stunning visuals, you’ll want to share them. ICE 21 makes it even easier to do that with ICEreality Create and ICEreality Connect. Before the update, ICE and ICEreality were two separate platforms. Now they are both integrated with the new 3D engine. That means with ICEreality Create no matter what device you are using, everyone is has the same unified experience. And thanks to ICEreality Connect, that experience is available to more people. In the past, guests who were joining an ICE experience had to do it on an iPhone or an iPad. Now you can join on an Android device, using a Windows 10 desktop, or through a range of VR headsets. 

Explore ICE wherever you are Explore ICE wherever you are

For hardcore ICE users, ICE 21 goes beyond the fun and flashy, where the little things make a big difference. Like the new on-demand data function. When you are running ICE, every change you make to the file gets reflected instantly with a real-time cost report. It’s constantly calculating. But for times when users want to increase the speed at which they work, that data calculation can be turned off. Optimize your workflow to make the most of your design time.

Better together

Ultimately, ICE 21 encourages connection. It’s a powerful presentation tool geared towards bringing people together, no matter what together looks like. “ICE 21 allows us to connect with clients anywhere in the world, at any time, in whatever way they feel most comfortable,” says Drebit. “Everyone can use it.”

For more information on ICE 21 and to experience it for yourself, visit ICE Edge Business Solutions.


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