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NMG and DIRTT team up for Arab Health 2020

Once again, the Dubai World Trade Center opened its doors for one of the largest healthcare events in the Middle East. With over 55,000 attendees each year, the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress gives guests a look at the latest innovations facing the medical landscape. It’s an event that attracts visitors from across the globe.

This marks DIRTT’s seventh year teaming up with our partner NMG at their interactive booth. But it’s not just any booth. To stand out from the more than 4500 exhibitors takes a little something extra. Like a two-story, high-tech medical facility that shows a whole new take on healthcare construction. With NMG, we welcomed thousands of guests to show how DIRTT can build better healing environments.

For those who were unable to make the long trip to Dubai, here’s a recap of our top three takeaways from the event. And how these ideas can be applied to healthcare today.


The Arab Health 2020 NMG team The Arab Health 2020 NMG team

An install that stands out

Constructing our booth is a highlight for DIRTT every year. After all, working on a tight timeline is what we do best. Exhibitors only have three days to turn their floor section into something that will wow attendees.

Our install is definitely different. The other booths using conventional construction are plagued with dust, debris and delay. Loud noises, drywall sanding, painting and waiting. Most of the booths use a process that’s been the standard for over 100 years. (Yes, drywall is that old.) They go through the hassle that comes with conventional construction. And then, three days later, they tear it all down and throw it in the landfill when the show is over.

While that is going on, the NMG and DIRTT team quickly and cleanly layout our timber-frame mezzanine. They are tipping up aluminum frames. Clicking together our modular power solutions. Integrating all the technology. And popping on wall tiles with vibrant graphics. It’s finished with furniture by NMG and various medical devices, turning the space into a functioning mini-hospital. There is almost no mess. And the result is speedy despite the complex design. It’s all possible thanks to our off-site, manufactured building components.

Laying out the Timber structure Laying out the Timber structure
Timber mezzanine construct Timber mezzanine construct
Clean construction Clean construction
Completed patient room Completed patient room
The completed booth The completed booth

Why does this matter? Because speed matters. It shows healthcare providers how they can move into their spaces sooner. DIRTT’s prefabricated approach means building components arrive on-site ready for a quick install. Spaces are built in a fraction of the time. Since the heavy lifting is done in our factories, healthcare clients can put more of their money towards a high-quality fit and finish, instead of using the bulk of their budget on jobsite labor. Clean construction also means they can make adjustments over time without disrupting patients and staff. This limits the downtime on critical spaces during tweaks or renovations.  

Reuse and repeat

About 90% of the NMG booth is reused year after year. In fact, this is the fourth year using the same display. Once the show concludes, we disassemble everything from the timber structure to the walls and pack it into storage. When it’s time to build the following year, we reinstall the same components. After a few adjustments, like new wall graphics to keep it fresh, it’s ready to go. Most of our booth never sees the landfill. That’s because DIRTT is designed for disassembly. It’s a testament to our commitment to sustainability. And demonstrates the durability of our solutions.

Packed up building components Packed up building components
Completed pediatric room Completed pediatric room
Meeting room in the Arab Health display Meeting room in the Arab Health display
Healthcare waiting area display Healthcare waiting area display
Patient room in the booth Patient room in the booth

This green approach extends to our client as well. When it comes to their spaces, this method prevents having to start from scratch anytime an organization needs to change their space. We all know that drywall is static. There’s no chance for flexibility. With DIRTT, clients can adjust, reconfigure or relocate their interior systems to a layout or floor. Or a new building. In healthcare, an industry that’s constantly evolving, DIRTT construction allows spaces to stay on pace with the latest technology, processes and patient needs. And it can be done without the downtime and waste that comes with going back to square one.

Tech check-up

It wouldn’t be a DIRTT event without a heavy emphasis on technology. We’re constantly pushing the limits of integrating cutting-edge tech with modern construction, specifically in the realm of virtual reality.

For Arab Health 2020, members of our tech team demonstrated the power of ICEreality on the new Oculus Quest VR head-mounted display. It allowed for the ultimate tetherless experience. That means no backpacks or wires. Attendees toured a DIRTT clinic designed in ICE and collaborated with guests that were halfway around the world in North America. They made design revisions in real-time. We also had a non-immersive VR experience available. Those using this route experienced the same file via our ICEreality app on a tablet or phone. Whatever device the guests used, they could see, hear and speak to other participants from within the virtual mockup. Guests were able to navigate the virtual clinic by walking or teleporting around the space while changing finish details.

Interactive & wireless ICEreality Interactive & wireless ICEreality
ICEreality on the mobile app with avatars in Calgary ICEreality on the mobile app with avatars in Calgary
Virtual reality for construction Virtual reality for construction

This is a key part of DIRTT’s construction process for healthcare. Allowing our clients to review their design as if it has already been built is powerful. Healthcare clients can bring in their staff to test the functionality of spaces before construction even begins. Owners can review to ensure they know exactly how their space will look and feel. Designers can use it to ensure everyone is on the same page for how the design will come to life. The bottom line: it gives project stakeholders the complete design certainty they need to sign off for manufacturing.

If you asked any of the thousands of visitors to Arab Health, they would tell you they want a clean, sustainable space that can keep up to date with the latest healthcare trends. That’s what we want too. And with our display, we prove time and again that it’s possible. All thanks to the passion and hard work of the NMG team. 

Two-story medical structure Two-story medical structure

If you want more ideas on how DIRTT can transform your healthcare space to better serve your patients, check out some of our past healthcare projects. 


DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. We use our proprietary 3D software to help design, manufacture and install fully-customized interior environments. This same software provides clients with certainty around cost, schedule and the final outcome. With modular components and a streamlined construction process, complete interior spaces are constructed faster, cleaner and more sustainably. DIRTT works with nearly 100 construction partners globally. DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.