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DIRTT Announces Rebrand and Launches New Digital Experience

DIRTT Environmental Solutions (“DIRTT” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: DRTT, TSX: DRT), a global leader in industrialized construction that empowers organizations, together with construction and design leaders, to build high-performing, adaptable, interior environments, announced it has rebranded, introducing enhanced market positioning, a new visual identity, and a state-of-the-art digital experience at

The change represents the company’s growth ambitions, enhanced offering, and client-centric approach that addresses the markets’ demand for spaces that evolve in response to changing needs. The rebrand comes as DIRTT focuses on elevating its construction system to enable greater adaptability in the built environment, allowing organizations to be relevant today and ready for what tomorrow brings.

“Expanding customer needs, new market drivers and a shifting industry landscape have created a unique opportunity for DIRTT to restate its value and deliver new tools and experiences that meet consumer expectations and increase the ease of doing business. Our goal is to ensure we can inspire and support the innovation and growth of our clients, architects, designers, and general contractors,” said Luke Dawson, DIRTT’s Vice President, Brand and Strategic Marketing.

The rebrand is the culmination of an 18-month research-based project, consisting of internal and external interviews, focus groups, workshops and user testing that delivered actionable insights. “Understanding our audiences, how they think and feel, what they want, and how they wish to experience it, has been foundational to determining our path forward,” added Dawson.

The new DIRTT website accommodates different client journeys, providing the information, tools, resources and proof points needed to build preference and selection of DIRTT’s construction system. The experience has been optimized to drive sizeable changes in supporting awareness, education, engagement and conversion. Built on a modern technology stack, the platform allows for more personalized user experiences, driving greater connection between the company and its target audiences.

The first major rebrand since the company’s inception 18 years ago, this evolution respects the fabric of DIRTT’s DNA and longstanding efforts of its people and construction partner network. “Our brand maturation sees the company purposefully shift its posture from being an industry disruptor to an industry enabler; empowering its ecosystem to elevate client outcomes using industrialized construction. This positions DIRTT to play on a larger global stage as we look firmly towards the future,” says Benjamin Urban, DIRTT’s CEO.

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  • Kim MacEachern

    Investor Relations, DIRTT



DIRTT is a global leader in industrialized construction. Its system of physical products and digital tools empowers organizations, together with construction and design leaders, to build high-performing, adaptable, interior environments. Operating in the workplace, healthcare, education, and public sector markets, DIRTT’s system provides total design freedom, and greater certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes. Headquartered in the US and Canada, DIRTT trades on Nasdaq under the symbol “DRTT” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.

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