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DIRTT Continues Expansion Across Construction Partner Network

DIRTT, a global leader in industrialized construction, is pleased to welcome two new DIRTT Construction Partners to its network: CMS Interiors and Al-Kaws. CMS Interiors will join Parron Hall in San Diego, California, who continue to deliver best-in-class DIRTT design and construction experiences. Teaming up with Al-Kaws reopens the Middle Eastern market where DIRTT has shipped over $50M USD in healthcare projects to date. In addition to adding these new Construction Partners to its network, DIRTT has formed a partnership with iMOD Systems, an education-focused construction company delivering volumetric solutions across North America.  

CMS Interiors, Inc. is a specialty contractor that serves the San Diego, California area and specializes in acoustic ceilings, door hardware, doors, and frames. The team at CMS brings 50 years of combined construction experience and has a strong reputation in the San Diego market for providing exceptional, high-quality installations.

Al-Kaws is a Saudi-based contracting company with a vision and reputation for providing complete-solution healthcare services with high-quality and state-of-the-art technologies. Al-Kaws is a turnkey contractor for hospital renovations, specializing in operating rooms, radiology equipment and rooms, medical furniture, flooring solutions, and low-current systems.

Located in Vallejo, California, iMOD Systems was formed with the belief that today’s classrooms need to be rearchitected from the ground up to better serve students, teachers, and communities for life in the 21st Century. The company has married the ability to accommodate changing technologies with an innovative frame-building design to create the industry’s only classrooms that are relocatable, reconfigurable, sustainable, and long-lasting. This unique partnership aligns with DIRTT's ethos to deliver sustainable, repeatable, and scalable solutions through a unique distribution channel, further capturing this niche market of fully manufactured construction projects, from core and shell to interior systems and finishes.

Benjamin Urban, CEO of DIRTT, commented, “We’re excited to welcome all three partners to our network. Each of them brings years of expertise and unique skill to the workplace, education, and healthcare verticals. Their addition to our partner network ensures, smart, sustainable construction is more accessible than ever, not just in North America, but globally.”

DIRTT connects with its clients through an international network of DIRTT Construction Partners. DIRTT partners work with clients and their construction team, ensuring effective management and execution of the DIRTT scope on every project from pre-construction through order, installation, and beyond. Long term, they support with reconfigurations, adaptations, and adjustments, continuously protecting their investment in DIRTT while helping to keep their space relevant for years to come. Together, DIRTT and its Construction Partners are bringing our dynamic construction system to more projects and people globally.


DIRTT is a leader in industrialized construction. DIRTT’s system of physical products and digital tools empowers organizations, together with construction and design leaders, to build high-performing, adaptable, interior environments. Operating in the workplace, healthcare, education, and public sector markets, DIRTT’s system provides total design freedom, and greater certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes. DIRTT's interior construction solutions are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, enabling organizations to easily reconfigure their workspaces as their needs evolve. This adaptability is especially important in today's rapidly changing business environment, where organizations need to be able to evolve quickly to new challenges and opportunities. Headquartered in Calgary, AB Canada, DIRTT trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT”.

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