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Modular Multi-Trade Healthcare Headwall System

An efficient, adaptable approach to healthcare construction. 

The prefabricated, medical headwall by DIRTT is a multi-trade solution. Health systems save time and money during construction, with long-term operating benefits. Using an adaptable, modular system, DIRTT assemblies support easy ongoing maintenance to reduce operating costs over time. Off-site manufacturing empowers quick, clean installs that allow facilities to get up and running faster. DIRTT Headwalls also reduce the scope of work for multiple trades, simplify project coordination, and limit project risk. With extensive customization options for pre-finished, removable wall panels, DIRTT Headwalls are an efficient way to meet your unique healthcare compliance requirements. 



  • Wall width, height, and panel configuration is fully customizable. 

  • Location and quantity of flexible medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, and other device integrations are fully customizable.

  • Wall panels are available in a variety of standard and custom finishes and materials, including medical-grade 3D laminate and durable paint.

  • May be mounted on a conventional wall as an applied headwall.

  • Improve STC ratings by adjusting the wall thickness on back-to-back configurations.

  • Medical grade finishes allow for better infection prevention and control.

  • Easily integrate distraction imagery or writable surfaces on the wall panels.

  • Use DIRTT standard wall base details or easily integrate third-party finishes.

Finish Options