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Fiber to the Edge Networks

Quick-connect cabling with long-term connectivity

DIRTT’s Fiber to the Edge networks give you more through less. A single fiber optic cable delivers unlimited bandwidth capability and a signal strength that reaches miles, not meters. It also offers a huge reduction in supporting infrastructure and material costs compared to copper cabling alternatives. Pre-labelled and pre-terminated harnesses run from the building entry to the user devices offering fast install and easy adaptability when you need it. Bringing together industry-leading technology and future-ready infrastructure empowers smart building benefits in your space.


  • DIRTT networks are part of our connected infrastructure offering.

  • High bandwidth cabling supports technology upgrades and future proofs your network.

  • Pre-labelled and pre-terminated modular harnesses greatly reduce install time.

  • Fiber optic, single mode cabling can reach great distances without signal loss.

  • Use a single cable type to support multiple services.