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Integrate Devices with Your Walls

Use DIRTT walls to house and protect powerful technology.

Elevate the performance of your space by incorporating the latest in audio, video, and teleconferencing technologies. DIRTT provides a variety of options to integrate hardware into the design of your space. Wall-mount devices or get a clean, modern aesthetic by seamlessly embedding technology directly into your walls. Get the functionality you need today with the power to update in the future as technology advances. 


  • DIRTT’s ability to customize supports a wide variety of hardware types and dimensions.

  • Mount devices on the wall or house them within the wall cavity for a sleek look and added protection.

  • Quickly access devices for maintenance and adjustment.

  • DIRTT experts consult with you and your technology vendors to optimize performance and aesthetics.

  • Our adaptable construction system allows you to easily update evolving technology.

Technology Options