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A striking design and structural element

Use the warmth of wood to enhance your space.

Traditional craftsmanship meets advanced, custom manufacturing with DIRTT Timber. Bring a natural touch to your space with structural capabilities and unique designs. Do it without long lead times or labor-intensive fabrication. Connections are precision-milled in our Timber factory, allowing components to be rapidly assembled on-site. Engineered to meet local requirements, it integrates seamlessly with your DIRTT project scope. DIRTT Timber brings warmth, added texture, and bold design elements to the built environment. 


  • Created with a combination of glue-laminated timber, cross-laminated timber, and other engineered wood products.

  • Supports sustainability goals as a renewable material that has sequestered CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Wood-on-wood joinery offers a clean aesthetic and a rapid, sequential installation process.

  • Integrates with other products in the DIRTT system and other construction elements.

  • Computer numerical control technology allows for complex angles, geometric patterns, and expressive design. 


  • Timber application type and design are fully customizable.

  • Use spruce-pine material or custom order other species.

  • Finish Timber in a natural clear-coat or water-based stain with DIRTT options or custom colors.

  • Brushed grain texture options add a tactile dimension to your space.

  • Easily integrate DIRTT walls, connected infrastructure, LED lighting, or decorative sheet metal.

Finish Options

Technical Overview

  • Timber sizes and spans are based on design and load requirements. 
  • Combines wood-on-wood joinery with mechanical and steel fasteners when needed. 
  • Fully sequenced assembly drawings and site coordination reduces schedules. 
  • DIRTT project team collaborates with the project’s local Professional of Record for all permits and approvals.

Common Applications