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Writable Surfaces

Finishes for Added Functionality

Use your walls to create, collaborate, and communicate.

Integrate writable surfaces directly into your walls. A more refined alternative to wall-mounted whiteboards, DIRTT writable finishes offer a seamless, modern look. Use decorative glass panels or apply a writable surface directly to durable MDF. Whether you need an easily cleanable surface for tracking patient progress in a hospital room or a way to make brainstorming more productive, DIRTT writable surfaces offer elegant functionality. 


  • Get function and a clean, seamless aesthetic with writable capability integrated directly onto your walls.

  • Writable wall panels arrive on-site fully finished.

  • Finish options allow you to achieve a range of looks and capabilities including gloss, glass, or matte finishes and magnetic capabilities.

  • Integrate custom colors and graphics to support your brand.

Writable Finish Options