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  • Unique healthcare clients
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From isolation rooms to urgent care facilities, DIRTT supports all healthcare space needs. DIRTT improves safety, speeds up construction, and builds future-ready spaces. Maintenance is simplified in DIRTT spaces, reducing downtime from days to minutes. Spaces built with DIRTT may lower stress levels – for you and your patients.

  • Certainty

    Explore your space in rich 3D before it’s built. The beauty of it? What you see is actually what you get. 3D design software ensures your design is translated precisely to the factory floor. All the details of your design are captured in barcodes, so there's zero room for error.

  • Fast and on time

    Your project ships in 21 days or less, regardless of how large or complex it is. No schedule extensions. Design decisions can be made right up to the last possible minute without hurting budget or schedule.

  • Readily responsive

    Your DIRTT space is ready for today and whatever the future brings. Reconfigure without downtime, dust or disruption. Be ready to respond to evolving technology. Adapting has never been so painless.

  • Infection prevention and control

    Effective design elements reduce touch points. Hospital-grade finishes help lower infection transfer. Flexible hanging options move technology and accessories off the floor. Wipeable surfaces leave minimal space for germs to hide.

  • Patient-centered design

    DIRTT is customized prefab. Our components act like building blocks, coming together in infinite ways to match dimensions, materials and functionality. With this much freedom, it’s easy to configure your space to balance patient and medical needs.

  • Accessible cavities

    Modularity means maintenance is a snap. Accessing power and utilities behind walls is easy – with the right tools, done by the right people. If something is damaged, you only need to replace that small section. Noise and lengthy disruptions become a thing of the past.

  • Clean functionality

    Add interactivity to your space. This could be distraction for young patients with games or integrated technology. Writable surfaces track patient info and maximize functionality.

No two clients have ever had the same space. Create your own unique interior with DIRTT's infinite possibilities. See more projects and get inspired.

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