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    Patient care room

Mobile alternate care sites for suburban and rural areas

One of the biggest challenges that healthcare providers faced during the COVID-19 crisis was having enough room to assess and treat patients. It forced teams to get creative when it comes to adapting existing areas into care sites. And things changed fast. Front-line workers needed to convert spaces quickly, but also have them remain flexible for the uncertain future.

Urban areas have access to large spaces like convention centers that can be repurposed. But suburban and rural areas don’t have that kind of infrastructure. With this in mind, DIRTT designed modular care facilities to serve that need. Healthcare-grade finishes turn standard construction site trailers into a suite of patient care rooms in about 10 hours. The size of the trailer dictates the number of rooms, but in all cases the result is a durable, mobile solution. Drop it off to treat patients. Pick it up and move it as the situation evolves. And because DIRTT solutions are modular, they can be disassembled, taken out of the trailer and reused somewhere else.


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    A suite of patient care spaces
  • Casework for storage
  • Hospital-grade finishes
  • Patient care where you need it
  • Render of a finished 40-foot trailer

Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s quick-connect power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes. 


Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.

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