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  • Location
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Year
  • Sq Ft
  • Architect
    Ed Vance & Associates
  • General Contractor
    Martin Harris Construction

Fit, finish and faster schedule

Built in the 1950s, University Medical Center (UMC) has a long history in Las Vegas. To carry on their legacy, they needed to update the emergency department. They wanted a good-looking, durable environment that also featured exceptional fit and finish. That’s part of what drew them to DIRTT. Our precision-manufactured interiors gave them the control they needed while still working within their budget.

UMC knows the patient experience is the key to operating a world-class hospital. As the closest medical center to the strip, many of their clientele are tourists. Incorporating graphics on DIRTT panels enabled them to create a welcoming space for visitors that also improved infection prevention and control.

During construction, UMC decided to make a change. With DIRTT, flexibility is built in so adapting on the fly is always an option. In order to accelerate construction, they decided to use DIRTT Flex Gas. Manufacturing walls with medical gas lines already installed meant the project was completed eight months faster. The UMC emergency department was saving lives almost a year sooner than they would have with conventional construction.



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    Photo Credit: Elite Photography
    A welcoming space
  • Photo Credit: Elite Photography
    A better patient experience
  • Photo Credit: Elite Photography
    Custom graphics in the patient bays
  • Photo Credit: Elite Photography
    A low wall for line of sight
  • Photo Credit: Elite Photography
    Nurse station
  • Wash station

The safer system

DIRTT Flex Gas is a tested, proven, future-proof medical gas system. It uses flexible hoses instead of fixed-in-place copper pipes.


Easy-to-clean walls

DIRTT’s healthcare optifiller encloses Enzo reveals between wall panels. It makes an easy-to-clean surface and improves infection prevention.


The look of permanence

The Enzo™ system delivers a chic aesthetic with slim reveals. It gives a sense of permanence in a modular space.


Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.

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