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    Calgary, Alberta
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    CHIL Interior Design

Artful aesthetic with functionality

Hotel Arts is a style-driven, boutique property in the heart of Calgary. It brings modern décor and designer touches with a professionally curated art collection. Ready to keep up with evolving tastes, the hotel needed an innovative partner to help renovate their building that dated back to the 1950s.

The project management team was looking for a way to update the space while limiting waste. Manufacturing off-site in DIRTT factories offers a controlled environment. Solutions are built with precision for less waste. They’re also built for durability, which is essential in high-traffic facilities like hotels. DIRTT finishes stand the test of time and allow for ease of service with removable wall panels to access electrical and plumbing.

Each of the 28 rooms was outfitted with custom casework. And working with DIRTT ensured that all of it integrated with ease. The luggage bench tied in with the vanity and all the detail work matched. It also allowed for custom lighting and power locations. With a modular approach, elements went together quickly and without disruption. It was so quiet, most guests didn’t even realize a there was a renovation going on.

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We feel like this is going to reset our online reputation tremendously.

Werna Boek, Director of Operations, Hotel Arts Group
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  • Photo Credit: John Gaucher Images
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  • Work space and luggage bench
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  • Photo Credit: John Gaucher Images

Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.


Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s quick-connect power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes. 


The look of permanence

The Enzo™ system delivers a chic aesthetic with slim reveals. It gives a sense of permanence in a modular space.

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