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Create a space for how you work today –– and where you’re going. DIRTT puts an end to your construction anxiety, building office spaces for dynamic companies across the globe.

  • Certainty

    Explore your space in rich 3D before it’s built. The beauty of it? What you see is actually what you get. 3D design software ensures your design is translated precisely to the factory floor. All the details of your design are captured in barcodes, so there's zero room for error.

  • Transparency

    The cost of your project is crystal clear. Know the price – to the penny – before you ever sign off on design. No costly add-ons or surprises. Everyone understands what you’re building, even if they’ve never read a blueprint before.

  • Fast and on time

    Your project ships in 21 days or less, regardless of how large or complex it is. No schedule extensions. Design decisions can be made right up to the last possible minute without hurting budget or schedule.

  • Readily responsive

    Your DIRTT space is ready for the future right from the start. Need to respond to new technology? Upgrade the tech in your walls and access floor quickly. Growing your team? Reconfigure your space with ease using the same components.

  • Elegant functionality

    Integrate the latest technology to improve the ambiance and functionality of your space. Create interactive walls with capacitive touch. Include writable surfaces for collaboration or artwork to reflect your culture.

  • Sustainable

    Building green starts with reducing and reusing. Your space is made clean and fast. Material waste is dramatically decreased. Even in the long term, interiors are adaptable and responsive without renovation waste.

  • Comprehensive

    DIRTT is your full solution for interior environments. It's so much more than walls. Access floors, power, networks, bespoke ceilings, millwork, doors and more come together for your complete space.

No two clients have ever had the same space. Create your own unique interior with DIRTT's infinite possibilities. See more projects and get inspired.

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