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    Louisville, Kentucky
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  • Architect
    K. Norman Berry Associates Architects
  • General Contractor
    Kelley Construction

Because one-size-fits-all actually doesn’t

Hopewell has a plan for creating great work environments. For their adaptable work club and meeting hub, it starts with designing the physical space. Where it ends up depends on how people use it. They understand a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t actually fit all. Getting the best value out of a real estate budget requires data, analysis, and the ability to adapt. That thinking was at the core of their lab space in Louisville.

As people come to work, they can choose from huddle spaces, conference rooms, or single-serving focus rooms. Using proprietary software, Hopewell can see who is using the space and how they use it. With that data, they can change the layout to better suit the people who visit and get the most return on investment.

In a space designed with adaptability in mind, the DIRTT construction system is a valuable tool. Precision-manufactured custom solutions fit a space down to 1/16th of an inch. That allowed Hopewell to build out their office and protect their historic building at the same time. Going forward, the modular nature of DIRTT allows for easy reconfiguration. So, when they need to update technology, move a wall, or reconfigure a room, they can do it without ripping down the drywall and starting from scratch.

Hopewell’s philosophy is maximum feedback to deliver maximum value. This approach to construction gives them the versatility and financial responsibility they need. The world is changing. The reason people come to the office is changing. DIRTT is changing with them.

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    Focus room
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    Integrated technology
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    Separate your space
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    Java station
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    Timber and Leaf Wall

Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.


Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s quick-connect power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes. 


Timber for today

DIRTT Timber Frame combines traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology. It’s a truly sustainable solution.


Latest tech in the walls

Cleanly integrate any type of technology and keep it secure. Maximize function and looks while you save space.


Redefine your space in a flash

Leaf™ gives any DIRTT wall the ability to open or close to reconfigure your spaces with ease. It works with new or already installed DIRTT.


Do more with your walls

WriteAway™ film combines a dry-erase marker board with your walls for an integrated and more elegant solution. Add graphics or inspire collaboration without unsightly ghosting.

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