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  • Location
    Des Moines, Iowa
  • Year
  • Build type
  • Architect
    Studio Melee
  • General Contractor
    Landmark Builders LLC

Work globally. Play socially. Live locally.

They take on large scale engineering projects all over the world. They love where they live. They enjoy each others’ company. This is KCL Engineering where a work-day is like a family-day. Lots of celebrating together. Lots of camaraderie. Lots of support. If you get your project completed and you want to go on vacation – just let people know when you’ll be back. There is no set amount of holiday time or sick days – you call your own shots.

That kind of workplace culture needed a home to reflect their personality and help make office life fun. They found it in what was once an early 20th century car dealership and then a ‘colorful’ household décor shop. The key to success for KCL was to bring the building back to its origins while ensuring it delivered the technology, performance and comforts of today. “We always have to be on the cutting edge of construction and understanding how the things we design are incorporated into our customers’ buildings,” said James Deeds, a Managing Principal at KCL. “So, it’s important for us to explore that option for ourselves.”

After being introduced to DIRTT as a possible solution for their interiors, the KCL team started getting excited about the possibilities. They were so thrilled by the opportunity to put hardware devices inside the cavity of their walls, they chose plexiglass as some of their wall tiles to show off how worked.

On the other end of the scale, they wanted the warm, old-world, craftsmanship of wood to reflect the building they were in. DIRTT’s digital approach to heavy timber made it an easy decision. They used timber for their collaboration rooms, kitchen, and intimate mezzanine meeting nook. They even have it jutting outside the building over the entryway.

“This has been a pretty interesting space for the community to see how an older building can be repurposed like this,” said Jamie Malloy, of Melee Architects. “And in such a modern way.” KCL is finding their new home is a big draw around Des Moines. “It’s a great old building, it’s an historic part of the town, and people love to come and see what we’ve done with the space," said James Deeds. “The DIRTT really elevated what we’re able to do with this building, and definitely contributes to the wow factor.”

It’s a great old building, it’s an historic part of the town, and people love to come and see what we’ve done with the space

James Deeds, Managing Principal at KCL
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Timber for today

DIRTT Timber Frame combines traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology. It’s a truly sustainable solution.


Latest tech in the walls

Cleanly integrate any type of technology and keep it secure. Maximize function and looks while you save space.


Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Millwork gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.


Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s plug-and-play power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes.


Do more with your walls

WriteAway™ film combines a dry-erase marker board with your walls for an integrated and more elegant solution. Add graphics or inspire collaboration without unsightly ghosting.

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