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Finding space within an existing building's footprint

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    Des Moines, Iowa

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


Image Credit: Ford & Brown

Design trends are blurring the line between home and office to create more comfortable and enjoyable spaces. When DIRTT Partner Pigott re-imagined their DIRTT Experience Center, they created a space for their team and clients alike. The result is a workplace where their team can do their best work and visiting clients are inspired. Filled with a variety of solutions, the space lets clients experience the breadth of DIRTT capabilities.

Product Spotlight

Project Includes:

With DIRTT and some strategic space planning, Pigott renovated the space without needing to expand the building. DIRTT Casework punctuates the central plaza of the space. An integrated, touch-sensitive monitor in the conferencing area provides an intuitive solution for meetings.



    Discover how DIRTT can bring the most value to your project.



    Your design is translated into DIRTT components. You’re empowered with real-time feedback to make faster decisions.



    With software connecting directly to DIRTT factories, every element of your DIRTT space is precision manufactured within 21 days.



    DIRTT components are rapidly installed on a clean job site with less waste.



    Your agile DIRTT space is built to evolve with you. DIRTT components embrace change for a future-friendly space.

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