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DIRTT's 2020 ESG

Things we make

From recycled denim, to zero volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes, to sustainably forested wood. We continually choose and improve the materials we use to build your space.

Every decision evaluates how much energy it took to make the material, how safe it is, and how it can be reused (or at least recycled). All DIRTT components can be disassembled and repurposed. Which means they have a long life cycle.

DIRTT was the first interior construction provider to complete a Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration.

How DIRTT runs

Everything we do is sustainable, from our software right down to our packaging.

  • Our ICE software means just-in-time manufacturing.
  • Efficient material use keeps our real estate footprint small while producing very little waste.
  • Our finishing lines are low-energy.
  • Our buildings are supplemented by solar power.
  • Any waste goes to our recycling program.
  • The packaging we use is reusable, compostable or recyclable.

DIRTT team in action

DIRTT employees care about the dirt. And the water. And the air.

We jump in the carpool. We bike to work. We dine and drink from reusable kitchenware. We green-shame each other when we use paper. Onsite lunches reduce a barrel of oil usage a day. We make real dirt by composting all our scraps and paper waste, preventing thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions since 2015. Even our lights are on motion sensors to lower our carbon and raise our fitness.

Basically, we’re always looking for ways to shrink our carbon footprint.

Leading with transparency

We believe how you use materials is just as important as what the material is made of. And we have third-party documentation to show it.

Contact your regional DIRTT team for:

  • Environmental Product Declarations or EPDs (DIRTT is the first in the industry with one)
  • Health Product Declarations
  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold
  • Products with FSC® certification (FSC-C006900) available upon request
Download DIRTT's sustainability story

Sustainability is important to our people. DIRTT lets us build spaces they’re proud of.

Evelyn Guerra, INSTRUCTURE

Featured awards for sustainability

Green Building Product of the Year - Enzo™ Approach

Canada Green Building Council

Cleantech Stock of the Year

Cantech Letter

Small Business of the Year Award

Arizona Recycling Coalition

Excellence in Sustainability

Arizona Manufacturers Council

Rockstar of the New Economy

Fast Company

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