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Off-site with the job site top of mind

All off-site or prefab construction is handy for gaining cost certainty. However, conventional off-site construction can sometimes forget about what is going on back at the building site. Not DIRTT. The components built in the DIRTT factories are based on measurements taken just days before they arrive. And built with exacting precision. They will fit the base building perfectly.

Once on-site, the DIRTT components can still be modified when unforeseen issues pop up.

All trades are more efficient

DIRTT’s access floor installs quickly, followed by modular power and networks. Trades work in a wide-open, safe and clean space. Carpet, ceiling grid and HVAC/lighting is completed. Teams finish fast with little to no waste or do-overs.

The rest of your DIRTT interiors go from the truck to their designated locations. Wall frames contain pretested power outlets. In hours, walls are up, ready for finished tiles. Pre-assembled millwork and doors get hung. Done!

Support for other crews on-site

Your local DIRTT team attends construction meetings to offer solutions. And they’ll collaborate with other trades for best practices when your DIRTT arrives on site.

This is about risk mitigation. DIRTT isn’t produced in a vacuum while the rest of the project wrestles with challenges. The components and the team integrate with the rest of the job. If conditions change, they respond.

Everyone is more productive and efficient for a happy project.

If the devil’s in the details, the devil’s just left the building.

Site Superintendent

Less material waste. Fewer bins.

Prefab is a no-brainer for eliminating material hoarding and bins on the project. Fifty-percent of any budget is often dedicated to managing materials and equipment.

What's surprising with DIRTT is the minimization of material waste from all other trades. They aren’t bringing extra material for cutting around stick-built items. The waste savings mean fewer bins on site and less general labor. Green construction can also be good for the green in your wallet.

A punch-list that won’t make you punch-drunk

Inspectors have access to wall cavities. Durable finishes are applied in-factory and installed last. If something’s wrong, the barcode on the item goes to the factory for a fast turnaround. One super-sub-trade handles everything from electrical outlets to hardware.

And you –– the one paying the bills –– are happy. Our software kept you empowered and informed from day one. Your only argument with your general contractor is what champagne to order.

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