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Your space can still be tailored to suit

You saved on labor during construction, so you could spend it on fit and finish. Now your space will help draw the best candidates.

Making them want to stay is the next thing.

DIRTT lets you respond to employee work styles and technology needs. If someone’s left-handed, swap their wall tiles to give them a writing surface on the left. Everything’s done fast and without a mess. Show you care while keeping the bottom line square.

Accessibility makes maintenance easier

Plumbing, electrical, A/V and networks are integrated into the architecture. Which is nice and neat. But they’re always accessible to the right people.

DIRTT Walls look and perform like permanent walls. Until your IT or facilities teams need to get inside.Then a special tool pops off the wall tile to deal with the culprit in the cavity. No painters, drywallers, tarps or saws. It’s all done quietly, cleanly and, best of all, quickly.

I’ve watched this space close business for us.

Dale Darling, VP Sales, Deseret Digital Media

Get new and improved fast and easy

We take the LEGO® approach. Everything connects together the same way, so you can repurpose, reconfigure and renew your space. Universal brackets and plug-and-play power inside the walls support any current or future devices. When a new technology comes along, day-to-day work isn't disrupted. The new device is easily integrated and the face tile clips on.

Better still, any new innovations we develop will work with your original DIRTT because our mission is to always be non-generational. Your ROI will be A-OK.

Wholesale changes with a lot less pain

You may want bigger changes. More rooms. Fewer rooms. We train your facilities team or bring your local DIRTT Partner in to do the work. They’ll assist you with ICE software and you’re fully apprised of the plan beforehand.

Moving it all to a different address? Everything is retrofitted to suit the new building. (If you know you’re moving, we help design the walls to be ready.)

What if you want all-new DIRTT? Your local Partner helps you sell or donate the old stuff.

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