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Technology Infrastructure has to Support Your Team Wherever They Are

Working together even when we’re apart comes with unique challenges

We want to stay connected and we’re using the internet to do it. Organizations have to find a way to nurture that connection. In most cases, this means a robust network infrastructure. According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all global internet traffic will be video. And if you look at how many webinars and virtual meetings we’ve attended in the last few months, you can see we’re well on our way to that target. 

As the workplace evolves, we need a way to make connecting as seamless as possible. Now it’s not about YouTube videos stalling out. It’s about missing information that is crucial to your job. To avoid this, organizations have to choose the right network solution. Whether its copper cable or fiber optic, making sure that network is scalable for the future is essential. 

Make it modular

DIRTT does this by using modular, quick-connect networks. DIRTT runs cable from the data closet to a distribution panel which allows you to make changes when you need it. Need to add five more workstations? You can run cables a short distance from the distribution panel instead of running them all the way back to the data closet. And with interchangeable DIRTT wall panels new infrastructure can be added quickly and without a lot of mess.

Quick-connect networks are ready to evolve

This is important, because if 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that we don’t know what’s coming. We need to be able to respond to anything. And quickly. Having a modular network means you can make fast changes. Build it out to address your needs. Keep your people informed and safe. 

Smart touch-free light switches save power and prevent infection transfer. Embedded monitors can communicate safety protocols in the workplace. Using large screens give remote meetings a more in-person feeling. These tools rely on network infrastructure to improve productivity. More importantly they also improve the physical and mental health of the people who use them. 

Large monitors enhance human connection

IMAGE CREDIT: James John Jetel

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