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We believe transparency and strong corporate governance practices are vital in forging trust with the investment community. Led by the Governance Committee, our Board plays a crucial role in providing strategic direction on our corporate governance practices. Using a tailored approach, the Board develops and implements strategies that ensure accountability while driving performance and profitability.

The way we do business


DIRTT’s culture is built on trust. We’re colleagues, stakeholders and team members. We work together. We help and care about each other, our partners and clients. We take great pride in our work. And we do business ethically and responsibly. We rely on each other to speak truthfully, honour commitments, and treat others with professionalism and respect. We’re passionate about improving the world around us. Environmental solutions is part of our name, after all. Every level of our company reflects a devotion to the wellbeing of our planet. We mitigate waste and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s central to who we are and everything we do.

We expect honest and ethical conduct from all of our directors, officers and employees. The DIRTT Code of Ethics lays the foundation for every decision made within the company.


The DIRTT Integrity Policy provides guidance for every director, officer, consultant and employee of the Corporation to maintain the highest integrity. And it provides procedures to follow when the integrity of any person’s actions or perceived actions are not in accordance with our responsibilities. Many companies call this the Whistleblower Policy. For DIRTT, it’s more encompassing.

If you believe someone with DIRTT has violated the company’s Integrity Program, you may confidentially report their actions to the DIRTT Audit Committee or call the confidential 24/7/365 hotline at 1-866-921-6714 and speak to a live agent.

Board of Directors

The role of the Board is to focus on governance and stewardship of the business. The Board will review strategy, assign responsibility, and monitor performance against those objectives. The Board will regularly review the strategic plans developed by management so they continue to be responsive to the changing business environment.

  • Ken Sanders

    Board Chair

  • Aron English

  • Douglas Edwards

  • Mary Garden

  • Cory Mitchell

  • Scott Robinson

  • Scott Ryan

This Majority Voting Policy applies to the election of directors to the board of directors in uncontested elections at meetings of the shareholders of the Company.

The Chair’s roles are to oversee the operations and affairs of the Board; and facilitate the functioning of the Board independently of the Corporation’s management.


Committee Charters

The Board has three standing committees: the Audit Committee; the Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee; and the Enterprise Risk Management Committee. 



CHAIR: Mary Garden
MEMBERS: Douglas Edwards, Scott Ryan, Scott Robinson 



CHAIR: Aron English
MEMBERS: Ken Sanders, Mary Garden, Cory Mitchell 



CHAIR: Scott Robinson 
MEMBERS: Ken Sanders, Scott Ryan, Douglas Edwards  



DIRTT’s Board is committed to regular and meaningful engagement with stakeholders. The Board Shareholder Communication and Engagement Policy outlines how the Board communicates with stakeholders and how stakeholders can communicate with management and the Board.

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