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Discover how the DIRTT construction system can bring the most value to your project.

Let’s Have a Conversation

As you identify needs, we’ll collaborate with your project teams to help determine where our construction system can bring value to your project. We’ll get clear on scope, preliminary budgets, and schedules.

Help Other Trades with Their Bids

We’ll help other trades to deliver appropriate bids, reflecting fewer hours, less material, and their work on a safer, cleaner job site. We can help the most when we’re part of the conversation early on.

Make the Most of Your Real Estate

Put us to work and make the most of your floorplate. We’ll partner with your real estate, facilities, and IT teams to ensure you’re benefitting from all aspects of DIRTT’s capabilities. Use our intelligent system to optimize your connected infrastructure and maximize your square footage.

Bring out the best with tailored spaces that support your mission.



Unlock the potential of your space as we capture every aspect of your design in the DIRTT system.

We’re Your Specialty Construction Consultants

Throughout design, DIRTT acts as a specialty construction consultant to the design team. You and your team are in full control of creating your space. DIRTT’s system of products and digital tools embrace your design intent with the freedom to customize everything. Our breadth of solutions provide choice, variety, and limitless design.

Every Detail of Your Design is Captured

Following the lead of the project architect or interior designer, we translate their design vision with our ICE® software platform. There’s no need for the design team to learn our software, components, or connections. ICE automatically calculates these details along with the pricing, manufacturing, and installation data.

Know exactly how much your project will cost, to the penny, with real time updates as your designs are refined.

Real-time Feedback for Quick Collaboration

The whole team can use ICE to explore the design in interactive 3D. Collaborate in virtual reality from anywhere in the world to know what the space looks and feels like before it’s ever built. Make real-time design adjustments with immediate updates to pricing and visualizations.

Integrated Software Makes Everyone’s Lives Easier

Your architect and interior designer can focus on thoughtful design. We’ve got your back on the rest. You’ll be empowered with accurate pricing and a clear scope of work. We can export drawings for permits and bids along with models for BIM coordination.



You get exactly what you expect when every element of your space is manufactured with precision.

We’re Your Multi-Trade Specialty Subcontractor

When the design is finalized, your DIRTT team transitions to a multi-trade specialty subcontractor. Our ICE® software tells the factory exactly what to build, based on your approved design. With a final site verification, you can fine-tune the measurements of your DIRTT components up to the week you place the order. This ensures DIRTT integrates with the job site exactly as planned.

Precision Manufactured in 21 Days or Less

Your project is manufactured in our network of factories across North America. Off-site manufacturing reduces waste while it amplifies expedience and precision. DIRTT manufactures components to 1/16 of an inch tolerance. This ensures it will fit perfectly with the rest of the DIRTT system and the base building. Once ordered, your project is ready to ship in just 21 days or less.

DIRTT’s off-site integrates with the job site for a harmonious project.



Open your doors sooner thanks to rapid installation on a clean job site.

Less Time On-site

Our logistics team works with you to ensure assembled components arrive on-site just as they’re needed, ready to install. And we do it fast. The DIRTT approach provides an average time savings of 30% on overall project schedules.

Clean and Quiet

Certified DIRTT Technicians install your space with the quality you expect. With components manufactured off-site, the mess at your facility is dramatically reduced. Less debris, less noise, and no drywall dust.

DIRTT Makes it Easier for Other Trades Too

Your DIRTT team collaborates with other trades on-site to respond to changes and manage the DIRTT scope. The job site isn’t bogged down with excess materials and equipment. Other trades have less waste too. They aren’t using extra materials to cut around stick-built items. The waste savings means fewer bins on-site and less general labor, translating into lower overall site costs.

DIRTT's quick installation speeds up construction timelines by as much as 30%.



You’re ready to embrace change with a future-friendly space.

Agility Enables Resilience

DIRTT spaces are built for change and ready to adapt as your organization evolves. Design for disassembly ensures components are interchangeable. Swap out wall panels for a fresh look. Update technology in the walls in minutes. Or reconfigure your entire space over the weekend. Do it all without major renovation, cost, or waste.

The More Sustainable Option

Make sustainable updates to your space while protecting your investment by repurposing most of your DIRTT components into new configurations as your needs evolve.

Meet today’s needs and respond to tomorrow’s changes without major renovations or costs.

Quality That Lasts

Durable, quality components stand the test of time. Backed by a 10-year warranty and a commitment to non-obsolescence, durable components created today will connect with other DIRTT solutions in the future.

Our Process

Build with a construction system that gives total design freedom and greater certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes. Our intelligent framework leverages advanced technology for a simpler experience. Create the space you envisioned faster and cleaner, with exacting precision.

It’s a building system that combines innovative processes and technologies, allowing solutions to be designed, organized, configured, and manufactured off-site, with final assembly completed at the job site. It’s projected that by 2035, most buildings will be constructed using industrialized construction. And it’s no surprise. Taking value beyond the limitations of prefab and modular construction, it offers unrivaled design freedom, accuracy, and quality assurance with total certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes.

DIRTT brings together the best of prefabricated construction and modular construction without limits on choice, options, customization, or quality. DIRTT components are manufactured off-site, providing the speed and precision of prefab construction. All elements of your DIRTT space are fully configured and tailored to the unique needs of the project. Taking things further, DIRTT components are also interchangeable through a universal interface, giving them a modular nature and ease of reconfiguration and adaptability.

In the world of custom construction, DIRTT Construction Partners are your dedicated team of local DIRTT experts. They understand how to apply the DIRTT Construction System to get the most value for your project. Our partners work with DIRTT to optimize technology, manufacturing, and interior construction services. Meanwhile, they provide project management and oversight of the DIRTT scope, collaborating with other teams and trades. They know your community and local construction requirements. DIRTT Construction Partners work with your project team every step of the way, from pre-design to installation and beyond. They act as a specialty construction consultant to the design team. They also act as a specialty contractor to the general contractor or construction manager. Long term, they are your go-to for updates, changes, and reconfigurations of your DIRTT space. Locate a DIRTT Partner

Some people refer to us as the best supporting actor. Together with our local DIRTT Construction Partners, we help connect all the dots for custom construction. DIRTT integrates into the project process and collaborates with all project stakeholders. Throughout design, DIRTT acts as a specialty construction consultant to the design team. When the design is finalized, your DIRTT team transitions to a multi-trade specialty subcontractor to the general contractor or construction manager.

To leverage the full potential of DIRTT’s construction system, it’s critical that the DIRTT team of modular construction experts be involved early in planning and pre-planning conversations. When we’re clear on scope, budget, and timelines, we can provide full system solutions to meet interior construction project needs that result in increased savings, reduced labor costs, reduced time on-site, and lower maintenance costs.

DIRTT representatives and DIRTT Construction Partners are not general contractors. We provide project management and support for DIRTT’s industrialized construction scope, often working with architects and engineers in the design/pre-construction phase for interior construction as a specialty construction consultant and working under the general contractor as multi-trade specialty subcontractor.

DIRTT isn’t a design firm. We support design teams to bring their visions to life. We attend preliminary meetings with critical design team members to review how DIRTT as a method of manufactured or modular construction can positively impact the project schedule and the scope of other trades. The DIRTT construction system is more than modular interiors or prefabricated construction. DIRTT’s system of products and digital tools embrace design intent with the freedom to customize.

DIRTT is an interior construction company. We specialize in providing modular construction for interiors, delivered with innovative processes and technologies. Through custom manufacturing, we create dynamic interiors that take advantage of the adaptable nature of modular construction. DIRTT’s interiors are highly customizable to connect with many unique base building conditions.

As a leader in the industry, DIRTT places sustainable construction at the core of everything we do. It’s not just part of our internal processes. It’s the way we deliver our interior construction products and services. Leveraging industrialized construction and lean manufacturing, we’re building spaces that use less raw material and generate less waste. The adaptable nature of our modular products ensures we offer custom construction that support green building certification. With DIRTT, our clients are building for tomorrow using agile components backed by a 10-year warranty, and a commitment to non-obsolescence. Learn more about DIRTT's sustainability here.

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