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Alamo Colleges District Support Office

Ready to evolve

  • Location

    San Antonio, Texas

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    AWC Construction Services

  • Architect

    Ford, Powell & Carson Architects and Planners Inc.

  • Designer

    WestEast Design Group

  • General Contractor


The Alamo Colleges District manages five post-secondary institutions in San Antonio. It takes a team of more than 500 support staff to keep those schools running. To create the best education experience for their 60,000 students, Alamo Colleges wanted their entire team under one roof. They needed a space that served everyone’s needs and looked good doing it.

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Project Includes:

Members of Alamo’s facilities team had worked with DIRTT before. They knew prefabricated construction could give them the style and flexibility they needed. Modular solutions let them future-proof the space. But they had no idea how fast things were going to evolve.

Early in the construction process, the team was forced to change the building footprint. All of a sudden, they had to accommodate the same number of staff with much less square footage. As plans altered, this put more pressure on an already tight schedule. Luckily, they were using DIRTT. Glass-fronted huddle rooms, tech-enabled board rooms and custom millwork were all installed quickly. DIRTT quick-connect power also sped up the process. There was less waste. There were fewer people on-site. And that made it easier to make the deadline. Alamo Colleges District got the high-end space they wanted today and the ability to make it even better tomorrow.

It's going to last forever.

John Strybos

Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities, ALAMO COLLEGES



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