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Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

A future-focused collaborative research space

  • Location

    Berkeley, California

  • SQ FT



    3 Months

  • Architect

    Studio Blitz

  • General Contractor

    James R. Griffin

Image Credit: Desiree Benko

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab at the University of California is unique. The multi-disciplinary research and learning space has almost as many robots as people. To build it out, they looked to DIRTT. Working with our team in the past, they knew we would create a contemporary, tech-enabled space. All while keeping costs under control.

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Project Includes:

UC Berkeley envisioned a lab that was more Silicon Valley than lecture hall. They worked with DIRTT to make the BAIR Lab open, inviting, and durable. It’s a space that feels like a cool tech start-up, with meeting rooms, showers, and even a bike room. Super high-speed Wi-Fi and beefed-up soundproofing make it easy for people to work and think. And a thoughtful layout means everyone can enjoy panoramic views of San Francisco Bay. Plus, the BAIR Lab was fully Zoom-enabled before that was even a thing.

The installation was tidy and fast. Modular power helps future proof the space. And the budget number held true for the entire project. DIRTT made UC Berkeley’s facilities team just as comfortable as the people — and robots — who spend their days in the BAIR Lab.

Take a closer look at the project here.

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