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Health Careers Training Center

Remote town turns convention center into nursing school

  • Location

    Taos, New Mexico

  • SQ FT


  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Goodmans Interior Structures

  • Architect

    Living Design Group Architects

  • General Contractor

    HB Construction

Image Credit: Jeff Caven

Building anything in Taos, New Mexico is expensive and difficult. The small population and rural location means trades need to travel to the town for projects. On top of that, Taos is famously proud of its adobe architecture, so citizens do whatever it takes to preserve it. The University of New Mexico was able to buy the old, adobe, convention center downtown for one dollar. But knowing it needed work to make it useful again, they weren't sure it was such a bargain. Then they found DIRTT.

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Project Includes

The University of New Mexico drives the local economy in Taos. And, healthcare is the biggest job creator in northern New Mexico. They saw that expanding the STEM and Health Sciences programs could have a major impact.

Repurposing the Rio Grande Hall at the Taos Civic Center created enough space for the program. Working with DIRTT, state-of-the-art learning labs now provide quality learning opportunities for students. DIRTT's agile healthcare solutions mean the labs can be updated as technology evolves. This means the nursing students are learning within the evolving realities of healthcare.

It was easier for us to catch a lot of things that we didn’t see [to make the design suit the] existing building.

Jim Pollard

Sr. Construction Manager, University of New Mexico



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