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Weill Cornell Medical College

Updating an aging medical college

  • Location

    New York, New York

  • SQ FT



    2 months

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Sedgwick Business Interiors

  • Architect

    Mitchell Giurgola Architects LLP

Weill Cornell needed to renovate their medical college. They were faced with an aging facility, difficult building conditions, and a tight deadline. With all this in mind, they feared their new space would be subpar at best. Enter the DIRTT approach to prefabricated construction.

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Project Includes:

There was no time to demolish the old walls and replace them with updated ones. DIRTT Curtain Walls were used to reduce cost and speed up the schedule. Rewiring the building would have also taken too long and been too destructive. DIRTT’s plug-and-play power was used to update the infrastructure and allow for future growth. ICE® software gave Weill Cornell the power to design, manufacture, and install integrated millwork in a fraction of the time. Existing building conditions like window sills, soffits, and heating radiators required absolute precision. DIRTT's solutions are manufactured to less than 1/16th of an inch, making install simple.

In under 5 weeks, Weill Cornell Medical College had the flexible, modernized facility they needed. Nothing is subpar about it!

The way the technology is integrated in the classrooms really works well together.

Dmitri Konon

Senior Director of Capital Planning, Weill Cornell



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