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Adefris & Toppin Women's Specialists

Creating a tranquil patient experience

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    Woodbury, Minnesota

  • SQ FT



    14 Days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner


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Image Credit: Lindsay Nicole

It was time to move. Adefris & Toppin had been serving patients out of their hospital-based clinic for 15 years. In that time, the serpentine hallways had been through multiple additions, but they were still running out of space. On top of that, they were running out of time on their lease and there was no option to extend. The clock was ticking, but this move gave the team at Adefris & Toppin the chance to build a larger space that welcomed patients, served staff, and delivered a better experience for everyone.

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Project Includes:

To meet their schedule needs, DIRTT wall systems were installed quickly and offered elevated functionality. This clean approach to construction meant there wasn’t any drywall dust to deal with. Stacked walls with glass panels provide a cost-effective way to let natural light in while maintaining patient privacy. Medical assistants have a brighter space to work in while at their desk. A display embedded in the waiting room wall offers a flush surface and clean lines. Patients waiting for test results can enjoy content on the screen while the glass walls help to manage the sound. For the staff, the new office is an organized space that improves their workflow. Patients are treated to a clean, tranquil experience that feels like a spa as much as it does a clinic.



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