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A brighter patient experience

As a longtime dental practitioner, Dr. Anderson had a vision for redesigning his office. It had to be clean. He wanted wood accents. But at the top of the list - keep it bright. The practice was moving into a long rectangular space, and he wanted a way to maximize the natural light. That’s when his architect suggested DIRTT. Using glass windows at the top of a stacked DIRTT wall would let the light in and be more cost effective than a conventional approach.

Dr. Anderson looked into what else DIRTT could do and was amazed. The wood veneer had the look he wanted. The finishes were durable and easy to clean. And he was impressed with the level of fit and finish he could get for the price. But DIRTT does more than look good. It performs too.

Modular wall systems make maintenance and renovation easy. More like a check-up than an extensive procedure. That’s key in an industry where technology is always evolving. Whether Dr. Anderson is mounting dental equipment or embedding a monitor, DIRTT walls have the strength and capacity to handle it. And speaking of monitors, this one does double duty. During office hours, it engages the patients. After hours, it’s visible to people walking by outside making this DIRTT wall a powerful marketing tool.

The DIRTT system lets you make technology changes by just popping out a panel instead of having to tear the wall apart.

Richard J. Anderson, DDS
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    Wall-mounted equipment in treatment areas
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  • Veneer and stacked glass
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  • Dr. Anderson and his DIRTT
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    Engage with integrated technology

Do more with your walls

WriteAway™ film combines a dry-erase marker board with your walls for an integrated and more elegant solution. Add graphics or inspire collaboration without unsightly ghosting.


The look of permanence

The Enzo™ system delivers a chic aesthetic with slim reveals. It gives a sense of permanence in a modular space.


Easy-to-clean walls

DIRTT’s healthcare optifiller encloses Enzo reveals between wall panels. It makes an easy-to-clean surface and improves infection prevention.


Design freedom and certainty

DIRTT Casework gives you complete design freedom without paying for the cost of custom. All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times.


Ultra thin and incredibly durable

Corning® Willow® Glass incorporates vibrant graphics into your space. Crystal clear glass makes them look great. It's impact resistant, plus you can write on or clean the surfaces.


Latest tech in the walls

Cleanly integrate any type of technology and keep it secure. Maximize function and looks while you save space.


Show your spirit

Integrate branding and reflect your culture with surfaces that are easy to customize.

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