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Cloudbreak Eye Care

Easy to clean. Easy to adapt.

  • Location

    Calgary, Alberta

  • SQ FT



    28 days

  • DIRTT Construction Partner

    Contemporary Office Interiors

  • Designer

    BLOCK Licensed Interior Design Inc.

  • General Contractor

    Labbe-Leech Interiors Ltd.

Image Credit: Lindsay Nichols

Cloudbreak Eye Care was expanding their ophthalmology clinic to a second location. With a growing practice, they were looking for a way to offer a space that reduced patient downtime and created a clean, welcoming aesthetic. One of the founding doctors had worked in a clinic that had been built with DIRTT and knew that the construction system was what the clinic needed.

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Project Includes:

The durable wall panels are easy to clean and the veneer-wrapped doors offer a warm, inviting look. Embedding displays directly into the wall cavity behind backpainted glass not only protects the technology and makes it easier to disinfect, it also streamlines the space by reducing clutter. Meeting their needs today, the space will also serve them in the future. In the rapidly advancing field of eye care, diagnostic technology is always improving. As their equipment evolves, quick-connect modular electrical allows them to easily change it out. And as better ways to treat patients become available, DIRTT wall assemblies are easily reconfigured to maintain an efficient office that gives patients the care they need in the best way possible.

We really like the displays being mounted in the wall. That's amazing. It really cleans up the aesthetic, reduces desk clutter and it is flat surfaces, so it's easy to disinfect and wipe down.

Dr. Patrick Gooi

Founder, Cloudbreak Eye Care



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